Why does Chilean food taste so bad

Restaurant test - This is how it tastes in El Chileno

Surrounded by Langforther Strasse, the Scharnhorst barracks and the Oststadtstadion, the tile-roofed house of El Chileno looks as if it had fallen from the sky and was pitched in Bothfeld. Of course it can't be. After all, houses can't fly. Unfortunately. Because flying restaurants would be a sensation that we would like to report on. Until then, however, we have to be content with the sober truth: El Chileno is located in a former clubhouse, but has obviously been given a creative boost, with plants and flowers, with bright colors, and in places with a patina look. Wooden floor, wooden chairs, bistro tables. So it's rustic in the restaurant that we really like.

Latin American cuisine is currently very hyped. If the dishes are as well made as in El Chileno, that is understandable.

However, the music is too loud on our first visit, which doesn't seem to bother the two solid service guys. Only when the boss enters the room at 6.30 p.m. is the end of Rambazamba. The music is turned down, and admittedly, the noise would not have suited this kitchen either, which tends to attract our attention with its soft tones. The freshly whipped aoili (2.50 euros), for example, which was topped up with garlic, but is not so hot that it makes our nasal walls flutter. Guacamole and tuna cream (3.50 euros) are also surprisingly mild and tastefully seasoned.

Cochayuyo - the salad made from seaweed

The salad from Cochayuyo (7.50 euros) is exciting. This is a seaweed that has long been considered a staple food in Chile. The taste is good, but most of all the texture is remarkable. It has many cavities like a honeycomb, and the chewing sensation is almost reminiscent of meat. The alga is served on the plate with corn, skinned tomatoes, onions, herbs, seasoned with lime and orange juice, which add a fruity sweetness. “As a child, it was horror for me. Poor people's food, ”comments the boss, shaking his head as he clears our empty plate - and without wanting to play down the man's trauma: We'd order the starter again right away.

The juicy, breaded and fried olives (4.50 euros) are also a stunner. The heat treatment gives the aroma of the stone fruits an intensity that is only absorbed by the filling with poultry liver farce. It is better to let the bites cool for a few minutes, but then they are a real treat. Also excellent is the spicy cod ceviche (6 euros) with coriander and onions, which has had too much lime juice, but with a pinch of salt that buffers the acidity, this starter is also very fine. The palmitos salad (6 euros) with fresh palm hearts is also delicious, although the mayonnaise-based dressing irritates us a bit.

Sweet with hearty

And because we like all the appetizers so much, we don't get our throats full and order Porotos Granados (4.50 euros), a creamy stew made from white beans, pumpkin and corn, the sweeping sweetness of which is on a collision course with the fiery seasoning of a chorizo. As a main course we try our corn casserole (12.50 euros) with herbs, minced beef and raisins. This dish also plays with the contrast between sweetness and heartiness, which seems a bit monotonous to us after halfway through. Basically, the dish can also be used as a starter for 3 to 4 people.

Rabbit tepid, swordfish simple and delicious

The rabbit stew (17 euros) is a bit slack, but the swordfish (15 euros) is simple but delicious. There is also a green salad and french fries. A good meal, really, even if we don't make it all that day. What is wrong with that, the boss wants to know from us when he inspects our half-empty plates. It was just too much, we say. The man purses his lips and explains that the kitchen does not like to see half-full plates, that must always be explained by him. We shrug our shoulders, but we really can't help him out of his mess, we are full to the brim, but we are happy to pass it on at this point: Better eat up at El Chileno.


With its rustic, fresh, Chilean cuisine, El Chileno is a place for every day of the week - highly recommended! Overall 7/10 (kitchen 8, service 6, ambience 7)


El Chileno

Langenforther Str. 20

30657 Hanover

Phone: 0511/90882677

Email: [email protected]

Internet: www.el-chileno.de

Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday from 6 p.m. (two service times: from 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.)

Accessibility: no

From Hannes Finkbeiner