Is it Safe to Retire in Vietnam?

Friendly people, sunshine, long beaches with palm trees, delicious food. Nha Trang in Vietnam offers all of this and much more. Since our retirement, Nha Trang has become a second home for Elke and Peter and for our Vietnamese goddaughter Luong Nguyen.

Tourists from all over the world like to be guests here. Fortunately, Nha Trang is not a loud party place. The focus here is on a quiet vacation, preferably with friends and family.

Many hotels, apartments and houses, in all categories and at all prices, are available here. Most guests stay for a few weeks - but Nha Trang is also an excellent alternative, especially for long-term vacationers and for wintering.

The people are friendly and everything is much cheaper for us than in Europe.

Loungers with umbrellas on the clean white sandy beach with additional access to the pools cost around 2.50 euros a day. VIP loungers, in the most beautiful places, with large bath towels and WiFi, are available for 4.50 euros.

There are many hot mineral springs near the city, and therefore three different resorts offer mud baths and mineral baths here. From 10 euros you can bathe in the mud and in pools and pools with mineral water throughout the day.

Very good massages e.g. B. are also offered by blind people everywhere. For an hour you pay from around 6 euros.

Those who prefer active vacation can, among other things. take advantage of numerous offers for diving. Boat trips to the many offshore islands or tours into the surrounding area, among other things. to the coffee region, to farms and to the waterfalls can be booked.

The Po Nagar Temple in the north of Nha Trang is also worth seeing. Our travel reports also provide further tips on this.

Restaurants with dishes from all over the world are a dime a dozen. Vietnamese cuisine is not as spicy as Thai and offers delicious light meals, especially with lots of seafood, just the way we like it. The wine from Dalat and the Saigon Bia are also inexpensive and highly recommended.

If we go to the restaurant with four people in the evening we pay around 30 euros for the meal with drinks: as a starter e.g. B. three large salads, with green papaya, mango and banana blossoms with marinated beef or pork or seafood, crab chips or crispy bread and then for the main course a large platter of grilled shrimp and squids or fish with rice or noodles.

Even some Saigon Bia are there. The national dish Phó Bộ - a delicious beef soup with vegetables and noodles - is available from 1.50 euros.

At the Vietnamese markets you can get everything your heart desires, from food to clothing. But you should be able to act. Nobody can do that better than our Luong.

Vietnamese mostly travel by motorcycle or scooter (xe máy). So do we, of course. We bought a Honda Wave and an electric scooter here new and very cheap.

The international driver's license has also been valid in Vietnam since January 2015, before that we had our German driver's license rewritten. We are also happy to take a taxi, as the tariffs are really affordable for us. A 5 km journey costs around 3.50 euros.

Citizens of many European countries no longer need a visa for stays of up to 15 days. Otherwise, 1- and 3-month visas are available from the Vietnamese embassy. Alternatively, we recommend the fast and inexpensive "Visa-on-Arrival", which we also use regularly. Visas can be extended on site in Vietnam.

More travel tips for long-term vacationers and for wintering. Help with travel planning, any visa extensions and individual support on site in Nha Trang, Saigon, Buon Ma Thout and Buon Ho.

Luong has opened her own website for this:

We ourselves traveled many thousands of kilometers in Vietnam by plane, train, bus, car and motorcycle. From Hanoi and Halong Bay in the north to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in the south.

We, and especially Luong Nguyen, have a lot of contacts, knowledge and experience.


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