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1, 2 or 5 kilos: how much can you lose in a week?

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Who doesn't dream of getting rid of the extra kilos that have plagued us for weeks, months or even years in the shortest possible time. So it is understandable that the temptation - and motivation - are great at first when we are offered the prospect of rapid weight loss. But how realistic are the wild weight loss promises of various magazines really? We asked Silke Restemeyer from the German Nutrition Society (DGE).

The answer is more than clear: Most of these diet promises are big nonsense. And so Silke Restemeyer makes a clear statement:

How much you can lose weight in a week depends, among other things, on the initial situation.

It should be noted: people who are very overweight lose weight faster and significantly more than people who only struggle with two or three kilograms. It also plays a role how much you eat and whether you exercise. However, five kilos in a week is rather unrealistic, even for a very overweight person.

"It is quite possible to lose several kilos in a week," says Restemeyer. However, one has to know that it is not initially about fat, but only about water. To lose a kilo of fat tissue, you have to save 7000 kcal!

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The DGE warns: Short-term diets do not have a permanent effect!

This is the right way to lose weight

The nutrition expert strongly advises losing weight slowly, but over the long term. "Anyone who loses a lot of weight within a very short time runs the risk of not being adequately supplied with all the nutrients. In addition, thanks to the yo-yo effect, they regain this weight just as quickly."

The metabolism goes to sleep when we eat far too little. Then, once we return to normal eating habits, the body takes all the calories it can get and stores as much as possible. The pointer of the balance jumps up again.

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"In order to outsmart the yo-yo effect, you should really lose weight with care. Half a kilo per week, one to two kilos per month are optimal," says Silke Restemeyer. She also recommends taking a four to six week diet break after the first three to five kilos, during which the weight is maintained.

Those who slowly lose weight in this way don't give the yo-yo effect a chance and can be sure that they are supplied with all the nutrients. In addition: Anyone who is allowed to eat 1200 kcal or even a little more per day is much happier than someone who has to get by on only 800 kcal!

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How many calories do you actually need per day?

We now know how many calories we need to save to lose 1 kg of adipose tissue. And we have learned that our body works on the back burner and our basal metabolic rate drops when we reduce our calorie intake. Which explains why drastic 1 or 2 week diets are usually not very promising in the long term.

But how do we actually know how many calories our body actually needs, regardless of whether we want to lose a few pounds or just want to stay in shape? Our daily calorie needs depend on various factors, such as gender, age and physical activity ...

Curious? Then you can easily calculate your calorie requirement here!

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Lose weight by kilos:

Turn 1 into 3, 5, 10 or ... 20: No matter how many kilograms you want to lose: Here you will find the appropriate battle plan!

Faster success in losing weight through exercise?

If you are in a hurry to lose weight, there is no way around exercise. Activate your fat burning through exercise! If you exercise several times a week, you will lose a few pounds quickly.

Many fitness studios have attractive offers for new customers, especially at the start of the new year. But it's not just the gym around the corner that gets you going, online fitness programs such as Gymondo * or Fitumenia * are also becoming increasingly popular - making it easy to stay fit at home!

Video workout: 4 minutes of full Tabata power

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Important note at the end: An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise is still the best way to stay fit and achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

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