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Special languages ​​are subsumed here for languages ​​for a dedicated purpose. In general, the common abbreviation includes the letter "l" for "Language". Some have a proprietary origin, but are standardized as a standard. Training courses on the most important special languages ​​are presented below:
  • HTML5 training deals with the current standard of HTML. Individual training courses deal with structuring electronic documents such as texts with hyperlinks, images and other content.
  • XML training takes up the individual aspects of XML. The XML technologies such as XML schema, XSL, XSLT and XPATH are covered.
  • UML training deals with the graphic modeling language for specification, construction, documentation and visualization.
  • SQL training deals with the database language for the definition of data structures in relational databases as well as for processing and querying the databases based on them.
MDX, a database language for OLAP databases, is also dealt with as an individual training course. It was developed by Microsoft and is establishing itself as the industry standard

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Limited implementation guarantee

For many years we have been one of the few seminar providers to offer a performance guarantee with guaranteed dates for all seminars. For you, this means a high degree of predictability and reliability.

Due to the current COVID19 crisis and the massive effects on the seminar business, it is currently not possible for us to guarantee all training courses. In individual cases, seminars can therefore be canceled in exceptional cases. We ask for your understanding.

The quality was proportional to the performance of the participants. The workstations were intuitive to use. The time structure was very convenient.

training MDX - The query language for OLAP cubes
 Bremen |  Martin Schmidt (PTS Group AG)

The seminar fully met my expectations, the quality was very good.

training MDX - The query language for OLAP cubes
 Bremen |  Angelina Degner (PTS Group AG)

- The seminar gave me a good introduction to MDX - The expectations were met - Unfortunately there are no specialist books, with the exercises and the basics a good basis has already been created.

training MDX - The query language for OLAP cubes
 Bremen |  Laura von Brasch (PTS Group AG)

Expectations met in full

training MDX - The query language for OLAP cubes
 Oberschönegg |  Patrick effort (Ehrmann AG)

Expectations met, 1 hour more per day would have been better

training MDX - The query language for OLAP cubes
 Kirchdorf / Iller |  Gebhard Zeller (Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH)

Information about your special language training

Which special language training is the right one?

There are different requirements for beginners, users and advanced users, which you can cover with individual special language training. Users who have not yet dealt with special languages ​​in detail learn the most important basics in a special language basic training course. Experienced users deepen their knowledge with a subject-specific course on special languages. Advanced users can develop into experts with a special language advanced seminar.

When do special language seminars take place?

In the case of open training courses, you can select your desired date from a large number of existing dates. Special languages ​​In-house training courses take place at a date agreed upon with you. We also take into account your desired date for special languages ​​for company training courses.

Where do special language courses take place?

Regardless of whether your company is located in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin or Cologne. If you book a special language in-house training course, our lecturers will come to your company.

Open special language courses take place in our central training center in Cologne Deutz or as online training.

Why is in-house training useful?

You are flexible because you determine the training date.

You save travel costs, whether the training is carried out at your location or at a preferred location of your choice.

You can plan your training budget yourself, because you determine the number of participants and the duration of the training.

You bring your employees up to date. In-house training is worthwhile from three training participants and pays off with every additional training participant.

Why book an open training course?

You have planning security through guaranteed dates and a fixed event location.

You save time. By booking available appointments at short notice, missing knowledge can be made up within a short period of time.

You are flexible, because the cancellation of the booked training is free of charge up to the day before the seminar.

Your training budget is spared because the third employee participates free of charge if you book for three employees.

No stress: you will only receive the invoice after the seminar.

Each special language training can also take place as in-house training in Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart or across Europe

All of the following types of training can also be carried out online as a virtual classroom.

Open special language training

takes place at a specified time in the fully equipped training center or online / remote. You will meet participants from other companies and benefit from the direct exchange of knowledge.

Special languages ​​company / in-house training

responds to the individual needs of your company. You will receive free advice from your seminar leader and can adapt the content and duration to your training needs. In-house training courses can be carried out across Europe.

Special languages ​​individual training

offers you flexibility in terms of learning content, learning methods and duration. You will receive 1-to-1 support. You determine the content, time and pace of learning. The special language trainer adapts to your wishes and needs.

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