Have you ever eaten pozole

Do you choose [corn] for pozole?

Pozole is traditionally made from nixtamalized corn, also known as nixtamal or hominy. So yeah, of course you can use Hominy - you should use that! Canned hominy / nixtamal is widely available. I believe some areas have dried whole nixtamal and possibly even fresh nixtamal - but I'm not sure I've ever seen this in Texas so I'm not sure how lucky you will be.

As with anything, people say fresher is better; However, I cannot personally support this as I failed to find it where I live. I did a pozole, however, which I found to be pretty good with canned hominy. Since you plan on pozole rojo, you will have many other flavors that I expect will make the difference between canned and fresh less noticeable.

I suppose if you wanted to try nixtamalizing your own corn to get the optimal pozol, you and you could have the time. I never tried myself. From what I've read, the cooking / soaking times vary depending on what you're going to be doing with the Nixtamal. For pozole, you don't have to boil and soak the corn as long as it continues to cook in the stew. I've seen various instructions online. For example, on this side it says cook for 15 minutes, soak another 5-10 minutes, while on this side you want to cook for 40-50 minutes. After that, rinse it thoroughly to remove the limescale and hulls (softened by the limescale) before cooking it in your pozole. I imagine that each of these cooking times would produce something satisfying. naturally more tender with the longer. Also note that if you don't remove the top cap, the corn won't get its nice puff shape (one of those sites calls it a pedicel - not sure if that's the right term).

So, with a lot of effort and a sense of adventure, you could actually make your own nixtamal (hominy), and it could be better, but you can also do something extremely good with hominy already made and take no chances for something I suspect you are feeding others.