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Everything here revolves around gas stations.

Thank you for your interest in our company and our locations. In principle, film recordings are possible at our locations. But we decide each request individually. We differentiate between the journalistic use of the film material and commercial use.

Motive rent

For commercial use, we charge a motive rent, which depends on the type and scope of the recordings.


In principle, we do not issue filming permits for journalistic recordings in the context of pricing and environmental issues.


  • A filming permit can only be obtained from the headquarters of Sprint Tank GmbH or HPV Hanseatic Petrol Vertriebs GmbH.

  • If you receive a filming permit, the agency will hold a detailed discussion with the responsible petrol station partner in advance.

  • The location must be made safe and visible to customers and employees at all times.

  • Free access for customers, tankers or delivery trucks must be guaranteed. In exceptional cases there may be other agreements.

  • In the case of deliveries of fuel, filming outdoors may have to be interrupted.

  • For the final contract formation, an additional motive contract is usually signed. The responsible production company is liable for personal injury or property damage that occurs as a result of filming. The responsible petrol station partner is authorized to issue instructions. We take full note of the principles and safety regulations listed by Sprint Tank GmbH and HPV Hanseatic Petrol Vertriebs GmbH. We hereby guarantee that we will not interfere with petrol station operations at any time.

Have you lost your receipt or haven't received a receipt for technical reasons? No problem! Please contact the relevant station directly and provide as much information as possible about the process so that a copy can be sent to you from the cash register system.


A copy of the receipt is provided exclusively by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided.

Have you paid with your EC card at one of our petrol stations and the amount has been credited back to your account?

By paying by GiroCard (EC) you have bought fuel, shop goods or services at our petrol station, but we do not process the payment. TeleCash GmbH & Co. KG, based in Bad Vilbel, processes all GiroCard (EC) payments for us.

Please contact TeleCash on the hotline number 0180 - 6221193 or by email at [email protected] regarding account settlement (payment of the outstanding amount).

Please have all the relevant data from the bank statement ready.

Together with our parent company, the BMV Berliner Mineralöl Liefergesellschaft, we collect and donate a large amount to Laughing Hearts e.V. every year. The association supports children in homes in Berlin and Brandenburg. Our heart also beats for this. That is why we concentrate our entire commitment on this project and, if we are sorry, refrain from other inquiries.

For the reasons mentioned above, we also do not support sponsorship of clubs, events, raffles or the like. Thank you for your understanding.

Application as an employee or tenant

Are you looking for a job at one of our petrol stations or would you like to operate a petrol station as a leaseholder in our network? With pleasure! You will find all the information on the following pages.

Here are our petrol stations that are currently looking for employees:


Here you can go directly to the tenant application:

Land to rent, lease or sell?

As part of our growth goals and constant network expansion, we are always interested in properties in attractive locations. The more information we get about it, the better. We will get back to you as soon as possible after an internal check of the location.

Interviews and statements

We are happy to answer journalistic inquiries and answer your questions. Preferably by email.

However, in principle we do not take a position on questions in the context of pricing and environmental issues.

Criticism helps us to get better!

Actually, you shouldn't read this text here at all. Because we work every day to give you the best possible day. If your customer experience with us was still not optimal, we sincerely apologize in advance. Please describe the problem briefly and factually. We will try to find a solution as soon as possible. With this you will help us to become even better in the future. Thanks.

Our fuels always comply with DIN-EN and are always delivered with high-quality additives that have comparable properties (e.g. cleaning of the combustion chambers and valves) to those of the large corporations.
The myth that octane numbers have something to do with energy or power is spread over and over again.
It is true, however, that higher octane numbers can only be used if the engine geometry is designed for it.
Motors for fuels with 95 octane for gasoline and 51 cetane for diesel are common in Europe. Higher cetane numbers ensure a "softer" combustion and can thus lead to an increase in performance and lower consumption.
Higher octane ratings allow higher engine compression and, associated with this, higher engine performance.
This is used by sports vehicles such as Porsche or Ferrari, the manufacturers recommend the use of Super Plus with 98 octane.
If the octane number is too low, the engine “rings”. In this case, engine manufacturers use knock sensors, which then intervene in the engine management system.
If the octane number is higher than required, e.g. with V-Power or Ultimate, the engine cannot take advantage of this, as it cannot suddenly compress higher.
The right choice is therefore to fill up with the DIN fuel recommended by the car manufacturer.

We hope you found this information useful.

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It's not unusual. The vehicle tank in your vehicle and the associated measuring device are not subject to calibration, so the specified tank content is only an approximate indication. A difference of up to 10% or more is not uncommon.

Our fuel pumps are also regularly calibrated by the responsible calibration authorities and are all subject to the current calibration. You are welcome to contact the responsible calibration office, which can confirm the current calibration again.

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Our fuel pumps are state-of-the-art and are regularly serviced. Should the dispenser ever show a technical defect, the dispenser will be immediately disconnected from the network and you will see clearly that it is not in operation.
If there is no sign attached to the dispenser, there is usually neither a malfunction of the dispenser nor of the dispenser nor of the meter.

In rare cases, when the fuel nozzle is pulled out of the tank opening, some fuel escapes, because the handle of the fuel nozzle is unintentionally pulled during this process. However, this is not a technical error or a fault of the company, but simply an error in handling.

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If employees at the stations have reacted unfriendly or even inappropriately in the customer dialogue, this does not correspond to our corporate culture. Unfriendly behavior towards our customers is also not tolerated. The employees of our tenants are required to always treat all customers politely and respectfully, because the satisfaction and safety of our customers are very important to us. If you should have a communication problem or an unhappy behavior, you are welcome to let us know. We will then enter into a dialogue with the affected partners and find a solution. Thank you for your trust and sorry for your suboptimal customer experience. We very much hope to see you again soon at our petrol stations and to be able to convince you of our good service.

We hope you found this information useful.

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