Which apps offer virtual debit cards

Apple Pay: Virtual debit card from Deutsche Bank

Thomas Hartmann

For some time now, Deutsche Bank has offered the option of setting up a virtual debit card for Apple Pay.

While the savings banks have now started with their “real” girocards and support Apple Pay, Commerzbank had already taken a different approach and simply set up a virtual debit card based on a giro account at the bank, we reported. You can also use Apple Pay to pay at locations that do not accept credit cards. The amounts are settled directly with your own current account.

Deutsche Bank also offers such an option. With your ”Deutsche Bank Card Virtual” (debit card for individual and private accounts) you can settle directly via the current account. It works like a virtual Mastercard debit card, there is no annual fee. You can activate it in the Deutsche Bank Mobile App and add it to the Apple Wallet within a few minutes. In order to generate the necessary TANs for authorization and activate them directly in the app, you should also have the Deutsche Bank photoTAN app installed. Then, by the way, you can also use it to pay to Apple Pay-supporting agencies abroad. Obviously, it cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATMs, as is sometimes possible with Commerzbank's virtual debit card.

Deutsche Bank describes exactly how it works on its Apple Pay website.

We have already tried setting up the Deutsche Bank Virtual Card on our iPhone, which worked perfectly. We assume that we can also pay smoothly with it - and will try it out at the next opportunity.