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Andrew Luck is a former NFL quarterback known for his time with the Indianapolis Colts. Not many players spend their careers in a team, but Andrew is the exception. He spent his entire seven-year NFL career with the Colts, a testament to his loyalty. His career stats include 14 fast-paced touchdowns that have won numerous awards. He was also a first choice for the Indianapolis Colts. Replacing the legendary Peyton Manning would also be a difficult task, but one that Andrew successfully mastered. Find out more about Andrew Luck's fortune here.

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  • Andrew Luck lifestyle.
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Who is Andrew Luck?His career info.

Andrew Austen Luck is a 29-year-old former NFL player from Washington DC. The now retired quarterback has spent his entire career with the Indianapolis Colts. His earliest career can be traced back to college where he played for Stanford University.

To say his stats were incredible would be an understatement. During his three year college years, he suffered only 22 interceptions with a 71% pass accuracy and a total of 82 touchdowns for college. Andrew was named Offensive Player of the Year from 2018 to 2011. In the awards, the 29-year-old former athlete won the Walter Camp Award, the Heisman Trophy and a Maxwell Award.

NFL draft.

Andrew Luck's impressive college career made him the first draft in the 2018NFL Draft. He joined Indianapolis Colts after losing Peyton Manning to an injury. In the same year, the former quarterback signed a four-year contract with the Colts. It was believed to be worth $ 22 million.

After two years on the team, he hit his career high: 40 touchdowns, 4,761 yards and an impressive success rate of 61%. His form brought the team to the AFC championship game, where they unfortunately lost to the Patriots. Andrew Luck was also named four times in the Pro Bowl during his run in the NFL.

One of his greatest moments was a late, dramatic comeback against the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs. Andrew's impressive career has earned him lucrative advertising deals with Gatorade, Electronic Arts, and Nike. In 2018 saw him separated from Gatorade so he could work with body armor instead.

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On August 24, 2019, during a game against the Chicago Bears, Colts fans were shocked when it became known that the 29-year-old quarterback is retiring. Of course, they reacted angrily when the news seemed to have come out of nowhere. Andrew said it was time to hang up your boots and spend more time with his family. The whole process had just grown monotonous and it was time to break it.

Andrew Luck's net worth, salary.

The NFL is a million dollar franchise. According to sources, players can earn around $ 860,000 a year on average. And that's on the lower end of the spectrum. Top athletes make millions. If you just look at his stats, it's fair to say that Andrew Luck is a top athlete. Because of this, when he first signed with the Colts, he was offered a four-year contract valued at $ 22 million.

When that contract expired, the Colts tied him to a six-year contract valued at an impressive $ 140 million. That was in June 2014, making him the highest paid player in the world at the time. The quarterback would be guaranteed $ 87 million with the rest in bonuses. At the time of his retirement, Andrew Luck's net worth was estimated at $ 50 million. Whether he will be able to keep this fortune after retirement is another question. We will keep you updated if anything changes.

Andrew Luck lifestyle.

The former Colts quarterback leads a relatively simple lifestyle, avoiding flashy cars or overly expensive items. This is surprising in that he was considered the highest-paid player in the league after signing a $ 140 million contract extension with the Colts. However, we can confirm that the former athlete and his family live quite comfortably.

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Andrew Luck measurements.

Andrew Luck is an athlete who has impressive physical stats. He is 6 feet 4 inches tall, or 1.93 meters. In terms of weight, he weighs 240 pounds.

Andrew Luck, Age and Wiki Bio.

Full nameAndrew Austen Luck
Age29 years old.
Date of birthSeptember 12, 1989
place of birthWashington DC, USA.
jobFormer quarterback
capital$ 50 million
wifeNicole Pechanec
childrenFirst child expected.
star signVirgin.
parentsOliver Luck and Kathy Wilson Luck

Andrew Austen Luck is from Washington DC. He celebrates the day he came into this world on September 12th. Currently the former athlete is 29 years old which would mean he was born in 1989. Andrew's parents are Oliver Luck and Kathy Wilson.

Oliver Luck is also a former Houston Oilers quarterback. So the apple obviously didn't fall far from the tree. Andrew has three siblings: Addison, Mary, and Emily. Andrew and his siblings spent their early childhood in Europe, particularly London and Frankfurt. The family would later move to Texas and the former quarterback would enroll in Stratford High School.

His impressive run on the football team earned him a full ride to Stanford. Another good run in college resulted in it becoming the first draft in the 2018NFL Draft. Next came a notable seven-year stint with the Colts, during which he became the highest-paid player in the league at one point. 2019 was a monumental year for Andrew Luck. For one, he married Nicole Pechanec after dating for several years. The couple also later announced that they would be expecting their first child soon. Most recently, he announced his retirement from the game on August 24th.