What are alternatives to social media

Admittedly, when Facebook came out in 2004, we freaked out. It was like Studi VZ, only a lot cooler! Suddenly you could just write to friends all over the world, link each other on photos and create birthday events with funny and ironic names.

A lot has happened since then, including a lot of negative things. Facebook was rightly there quite often criticized for data protection problems. Advertising also gets on the nerves of many users. The consequence: declining user numbers. So creative Facebook alternatives are needed.

These are our top 5 Facebook alternatives

In Germany, Facebook overtook “WerKenntWen”, the international platform “MySpace” and bought up its biggest competitors with WhatsApp and Instagram. Do you want to avoid the data octopus? We have 5 potential alternatives and their advantages summarized for you.

1. Ad-free and your data well under control: Diaspora

The app Diaspora is very similar to Facebook. You can like, share and chat your status and pictures as usual. If you don't want to say goodbye to Facebook and opt for a hybrid solution, you can also use yours Share diaspora content on Facebook and Twitter. You can also load plug-ins that can be used to expand the functions.

Above all, however, because of its network structure, Diaspora is a very interesting Facebook alternative. The user data is located on decentralized servers, the so-called pods. You can create your own pod yourself. That has the advantage that your data are better protected from access by others. In this way, the provider guarantees data security and is also free of advertising.

2. Professional networks: Xing and LinkedIn

The Xing and LinkedIn networks are available to you as professional networks. Here you can write and comment on posts, create events and yourself network with colleagues. Recruits and headhunters have the opportunity to find you and maybe even offer you a new job.

Overall, the two services do not take much, with Xing being the German equivalent of the world market leader LinkedIn. However, the premium version of both apps is chargeable. Both apps are good Facebook alternatives for professional success.

3. Social media app from next door: Get to know your neighbors

The social network Next door it is important to connect neighborhoods. You can get to know new neighbors, network with them and plan joint activities. There is also a marketplace where, for example, you can sell parts of your household items, offer them for exchange or find a babysitter for your kids. If you're new to town, apps are especially helpful and a great Facebook alternative.

Google, Facebook & Co. cannot access your personal data. Your content can too only from your immediate neighbors as well as people from the neighboring neighborhoods - if you have activated them - can be seen.

4. Network with 140 characters: Twitter

The intelligence service Twitter is for many users a point of contact for quick information. With the tweets, limited to 140 characters, you can follow celebrities and inform others about your experiences via pictures and videos.

Twitter is often used in politics or by celebrities to redistribute articles or videos, but does not offer the community functions of Facebook. But if you use social media primarily for news and gossip, Twitter is a real Facebook alternative.

5. Pinterest ideas exchange platform

Pinterest is all about creating Pin boards with DIY ideas, cool sayings, fashion, beauty tips, recipes and much more. The company, based in Silicon Valley, now has 200 million users worldwide - four out of five are women.

You will receive fresh ideas based on a pre-selection of areas of interest that you have made. You can pin (save) what you like and share it with others. The community idea is not in the foreground here, but Pinterest is a great Facebook alternative for creative input.

Conclusion: Facebook alternatives

One hundred percent There is actually no replacement for the network giant Facebook. But its popularity is falling and many young people are no longer signing up. If you no longer feel like sharing your data with the company, but want to remain digitally networked, the alternatives presented will definitely help you.

Author: Oliver March

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