Do you want to have more children?

"You asked for it!" From the 3rd child onwards, you can no longer complain

Annoyance is expressly allowed with two children. From the third child onwards, it's your own fault ... the others think. Because three children are a luxury that one can only afford with nerves made of pure gold. Or?
"I have three children."

Anyone who thinks this sentence is unimportant has definitely never said it. Because a lot changes with the third child. No, not at home! Everything is fine at home. Because between us: the step from first child to child number two is definitely more drastic than the birth of the third child. Because "tearing oneself apart" is something everyone who brings up siblings knows. But the external effect only changes with child number 3. That, dear ones, is what you wanted, although it was not "necessary". Especially when you already have a boy and a girl. Then the world doesn't really understand why a third "has to be". Never heard of such a junk? Neither do I. Until I was pregnant for the third time.

Here are the top 10 phrases that all mothers who have three (or more) children know:

1. Three? Then there is always someone alone!

As if two children were always sitting together like bad luck and sharing the LEGO fairly among themselves. Well ... please contact me with appropriate parenting tips when you have had this experience.

2. But you only have two arms!

Nah, I'm an octopus. Or I just don't have the feeling that every child needs my arms all the time.

3. I couldn't!

Of course you COULD. You don't WANT. And I understand that. But I can because I want to.

4. I admire you!

I admire you too. I admire everyone for something.

5. And what do you do when everyone wants to study?

We won't let it get that far! We hardly have the time to learn math with every child! But we may also trust that not everyone is aiming for six years of private study in Boston ...

6. Do you have a room for each child?

Oops. Missed the fact that the right to a room of one's own is in the Basic Law ...

7. You didn't want it any other way ...

With three or more children, the right to be a little annoyed and stressed by the kids is withdrawn. After all, we didn't want it any other way. Correct!

8. Was that planned?

Was the adorable child on my hand an accident that I will regret all my life? Nice that you ask ...

9. But that's enough now, isn't it?

Would you like to discuss our family planning with? Cool! As soon as we think about number 4 we will call to get your opinion ...

10. It must be very exhausting!

Honestly? Not more exhausting than your life. Even studies say that mothers with three children are the most relaxed. To ask?