How do I make potato juice

Heartburn? Try potato juice

Heartburn, an irritated, nervous stomach, or gastritis? Over 100 years ago, the Zurich doctor Bircher-Benner prescribed freshly squeezed juice from raw potatoes to his patients in such cases. Because he was convinced of the healing properties. The natural acid inhibitor was forgotten for a long time, but the home remedy is now being rediscovered.

Different reasons why potato juice helps with heartburn

There are different approaches to explain why the potato juice works. For example, researchers at Manchester University found in a study that potatoes contain a certain molecule. It keeps the bacteria that cause heartburn and stomach ulcers at bay, in their opinion. The highlight for the researchers: In contrast to antibiotics, the bacteria cannot become immune to potato juice. Naturopaths, on the other hand, are more of the opinion that the potassium-rich potato juice is basic and thus curbs over-acidification or neutralizes an acidic stomach. It forms a buffer, so to speak. For others, it is not due to the basic character, but to the starch contained in the potato. They bind the acid.

Potato juice as a traditional home remedy

The properties of potato juice for treating heartburn have not been conclusively clarified. For Prof. Dr. med. Sigrun Chrubasik, who worked at the University of Freiburg i. Br. And the University of Sydney, one thing is certain: the pressed juice from raw potatoes helps. “In traditional medicine in Europe, the juice of fresh potato tubers is used as a spasmolytic and antacid remedy for stomach ailments, especially hyperacidity,” she writes. In other words, it can relieve cramps and neutralize stomach acid. To do this, she carried out a study with colleagues. The patients consumed the drink for a week in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed - 100 milliliters each, and more if the symptoms persist. “After one week, the symptoms had improved in 2/3 of the patients, the complaint profile by more than 40% and the quality of life by more than 50%. The patients were very satisfied; only a third had no success drinking juice. Presumably, these need a more concentrated preparation from the potato and cannot do without taking conventional therapy, ”says the doctor. For them, the home remedy has another advantage: it does not trigger an increased build-up of stomach acid later.

Heartburn during pregnancy

Many pregnant women rely on natural acid inhibitors if they suffer from heartburn during pregnancy. Because it is considered stomach-friendly and easily digestible. Dorothee Struck writes in her article “Heartburn in pregnancy - a case for potato juice”: “The fresh plant juice preparation form is very popular with pregnant women because no preservatives or chemical additives are used that could pose a potential hazard to the fetus. The absence of alcohol in fresh plant juices is also to be rated positively. "

Potato juice - homemade or from your pharmacy

If you want to test the home remedy for heartburn, you can make the potato juice yourself.

Raw potatoes, about 4 pieces

1. Generously peel the raw potatoes. Make sure that the potatoes have no green spots, germs or dents. Because potatoes can contain solanine, a poisonous alkaloid. Therefore do not remove the peel sparingly.

2. Put the potatoes in a juicer.

3. If you don't have a juicer, you can finely grate the potatoes, preferably in a bowl. Then put the mixture in a dishcloth or a strainer and wring it out properly over a bowl so that the fresh juice runs out. It is best to stir well so that the starch does not settle.

Tip: It is best to drink the pressed juice immediately so that it neither oxidizes nor becomes bitter and retains its ingredients. The taste takes some getting used to at first.

Due to the solanine, pregnant women are recommended to drink a ready-made potato juice. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to save preparation time or is unsure about the alkaloid. The finished juice is available in pharmacies, among other places.

Potato Juice - How Often?

There are different recommendations. Among other things, they also depend on what is to be achieved. Dorothee Struck advises pregnant women, for example, 3 x 5 ml potato juice per day plus 10 ml at night. Sigrun Chrubasik prescribed 100 ml for her study participants after getting up and before going to bed. If you want to go on a potato juice cure, the doctor Dr. med. F. Becker: "You drink half a red wine glass of potato juice twice a day for three weeks before you eat." It is best to talk to your pharmacist about it. Please contact the experts at your Guten Tag pharmacy. There you will be advised on a high pharmaceutical level. If necessary, the pharmacy finder will guide you to the right address in your area.

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Potato juice doesn't work for everyone. And if your symptoms persist or recur, you are unsure, contact your doctor.

You can read more about heartburn here and in the September issue of MEIN TAG®, the magazine exclusively from your Guten Tag pharmacy.