Greenhouses stay warm in winter

This is how our community uses their greenhouse in winter

For every hobby gardener, the greenhouse is a treasured addition to the garden. It expands the horticultural possibilities enormously and can remain in use all year round. Our Facebook community also appreciates their greenhouses and uses them for very different purposes in the winter months.

The use of the greenhouse as winter quarters is very popular with our community. Olaf L. and Carina B. also bring their potted plants into the warm when the temperatures drop. Both have a heater that ensures that the temperature in their greenhouses does not drop below 0 degrees Celsius. Whether you install heating in your greenhouse depends on the plants that are to be overwintered there. Mediterranean potted plants such as olives or oleander get along well in a cold house. With tropical and subtropical plants, as well as year-round vegetable cultivation, heating is absolutely necessary. Basically, you should insulate your greenhouse well in order to avoid high heating costs and to successfully overwinter potted plants in unheated greenhouses.

Grow vegetables in the greenhouse in winter

Our community also successfully grows vegetables in the winter months. The winter spinach, which can withstand temperatures of minus twelve degrees Celsius in a sheltered place, is particularly popular. Doris P. usually digs a deep hole in which she lays carrots, leeks and celery. Covered, your vegetables can withstand even a slight night frost.
Daniela H. now has raised beds in her glass house and is trying to grow lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli and onions this winter. They started sowing in February and are still showing success. Should the temperatures drop further, she plans to cover her raised beds with glass. Furthermore, some try to get their basil and parsley and other herbs through the winter in the greenhouse.

If you do without plants in the greenhouse in winter, but don't want to leave it empty, you have several possible uses. Whether decoration, garden furniture, barbecue or rain barrel, a greenhouse offers plenty of space to park. Sylvia likes to put her children's bicycles in the greenhouse and Sabine D. sometimes puts her clothes horse in there to dry.

Greenhouse as an animal stable

At times, greenhouses are also converted into animal stalls. Melanie G. and Beate M. let the chickens warm up in the greenhouse. They have it nice and dry there and even dig it up. But not only chickens find shelter. Heike M.'s turtles winter there from April to November and Dagmar P. occasionally raised hedgehogs in her old greenhouse.