Heard dogs to 12 year olds

  • Command "here"

At the command "Here" (or a corresponding whistle), your dog should come to you immediately and quickly from the free run. Adult dogs that have not yet learned to listen to a corresponding command cannot, of course, initially run around freely without a leash.

Step 1: practicing in the apartment

Therefore, practice the "here" first in the apartment, ideally in connection with his meal. For this exercise, you need a second trusted person to hold the dog while you are preparing the food for him some distance away. Your dog should see you doing it. As soon as you shout the command "Here", the second person lets go of the dog. When your dog comes to you, give him lots of praise and place his food bowl on the floor. If you have the feeling that your dog has understood the command in connection with his meal, you can start calling him to you outside of his meal times inside the apartment with a clear "Here". If your dog comes to you immediately, reward him with a treat and show him clearly that you are very happy about his arrival. As a further increase, you can try the exercise in the fenced yard.

 Step 2: Exercise during a walk

Only when your dog comes to you reliably on your signal can you leash him for a walk and carry out the exercise there. It is best to choose lonely areas first, where you will not encounter any other dogs that could distract your partner. Alternatively, you can do this exercise very early in the morning or very late in the evening when there is little going on on the street or in the park. Only give your dog the command "Here" if you are sure that he will obey it. If you see another dog, first put him on the leash again and only perform the exercise when the other four-legged friend is out of sight.

It is also advisable to practice the command “Here” in connection with the name of the dog. Experience has shown that owners tend to call their dog by his name in stressful situations.