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5 criteria: You should pay attention to this in training companies

1. Good future prospects in the training company

Most of the time, this point is already listed in the job advertisements. Under the heading “This is what we offer you”, for example, there is often talk of high chances of being taken on in the company. You should definitely not ignore such an advantage when looking for a good training company. Because if you do well in your apprenticeship, you can start as a specialist immediately after graduation and you are spared the creation of new applications and the search for another job.

2. Employee reviews tell you a lot

Are training companies what they claim to be? To check this, you can ask friends who already work in the company about their experiences. Are you dealing with employees well? Is the work valued or is there a rough tone among the superiors? To check more about internal experiences, you can also read employee reviews on various portals.

3. Special benefits of the training company

Especially if you only want to apply for an apprenticeship in 2021 and still have enough time to send your application, you can take your time to inquire about the very special benefits of the training company.

These include, for example:

  • Trainee trips
  • Employee cell phone
  • Advanced training
  • Flexible working hours
  • Digital learning

What is particularly important to you and what can you do without as a prospective trainee? Find out by looking at the benefits in the job advertisement or on the company website.

4. Diversity of tasks in training

You know the activities of your dream job very well. When posting a job, pay close attention to whether they are represented there. If there are several specialist areas for a job, such as the mechatronics technician (automotive mechatronics technician and mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology), the tasks are different. You could be very disappointed during your apprenticeship because you expected something different. So take a close look at the tasks and then decide whether they suit you. Is there maybe one that you don't see yourself in at all?

5. Salary and additional benefits for trainees

In addition to the salary, you should pay attention to additional benefits from the training company. You can usually find these in the job advertisements. Do trainees receive Christmas bonuses, vacation bonuses or even capital-building benefits? These additional funds are already recorded in collective agreements, for example. So if you want to do an apprenticeship in the public service, you can do some research online beforehand.