What is Donald Trump's most ridiculous tweet

Trump tweet shows Obama, the Clintons and Mueller behind bars

Washington - The creator of the meme did not go to much trouble in Microsoft Paint: Poorly cut figures can be seen on it, they show former US presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, ex-attorney general Eric Holder and Donald Trump's current Deputy Justice Minister Rod Rosenstein and Russia investigator Robert Mueller. All of you and other Trump opponents can be seen behind bars. The title calls for them to be brought to justice for treason, now that Trump's secret cooperation with Russia has been "proven to be a lie".

The US President did not comment on the meme at first, it is part of a flood of tweets from the past few days about the Russia investigation. The presidential social media marathon fits in with reports that the US media have been spreading for days: Trump's nervousness in this matter has increased significantly in the past week.

Just a few days ago, the US President had sent his written answers to Mueller's questions on the matter: As CNN reports, he denied that his confidante Roger Stones had contacts with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and that his son had a secret meeting alleged representatives of Russia to have been informed. Mueller has accused his former whale fighting boss Paul Manafort of lying under oath in the past few days.

Pre-election violence

The all-round blow via Twitter nevertheless prompted criticism. Several of the people pictured belong to the circle of Trump critics who were sent letter bombs in the run-up to the midterm elections in early November. A little later, the fanatical Trump fan Cesar Sayoc proved to be the sender, who, among other things, had allowed himself to be radicalized by hate websites. There were also a number of printed pro-Trump memes on his car, including those that his opponents had shown in the crosshairs.

A few days later, a right-wing anti-Semite carried out a deadly terrorist attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh. The perpetrator, Gregory Bowers, admittedly indicated that Trump's policy was "too soft" for him, but he also referred to the social media campaign about an impending "invasion" by migrants from Central America, which the President massively considered Had used fodder for his election campaign.

Behind bars on an investigation

The US President himself defended the meme in an interview with the New York Post. When asked why his acting Vice Minister of Justice Rosenstein belongs behind bars, he said that he "should never have appointed the special investigator (Mueller, note)". Trump did not explain why it should be a criminal offense.

The US president also gave the tabloid a statement on the dismissal of FBI chief James Comey: He was "glad" that he had fired Comey. "Otherwise we wouldn't know anything about Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and his girlfriend Lisa Page." McCabe, a former vice chief of the FBI, had been fired on charges of divulging internal information. Strzok was part of Mueller's investigative team but was fired after text messages to Page were made public criticizing Trump. (mesc, November 29, 2018)