What is the importance of political science

What is political science?

You should find answers to the question of the nature and content of political science in the course of your studies at Bergische Universität and in particular in the basic module "Introduction to Political Science". So here are just a few brief comments:

Political science describes and analyzes political reality. It is about the regulation of human coexistence in communities, the distribution of power and competencies, the handling of social problems, institutions and norms.

The subject area of ​​political science - politics - is neither clearly delineated nor clearly defined. On the contrary: There are numerous views on the nature of politics, and so a number of sometimes very different concepts of politics and the political can be found. You will therefore often encounter the three analytical dimensions of politics: Polity (formal dimension: institutions and structures), Politics (procedural dimension: procedures and processes) and Policy (content dimension: policy results in the various policy fields). Another approach to political reality is provided by the MINK scheme (power, interest, norms and communication as essential elements of politics).

The difficulty of clearly defining “politics” shows something in common with neighboring social sciences: conditions and processes in the human social environment cannot always be described in unambiguous and undisputed terms. For many phenomena, such as power, democracy, society, action, violence or war, there are different definitions on which no agreement can be reached. Reality can be viewed from different perspectives and with different interpretations. The education and use of social and political science terms are by no means trivial. For you, this means that you should describe the subject area as precisely as possible in presentations or written work and state which terminology you are working with (and why).

During the political science degree in Wuppertal you will get to know different sub-disciplines and the respective working methods, fields of application and theoretical paradigms. However, in addition to the courses, it is advisable to study introductory literature on political science and scientific journals in order to gain a comprehensive insight into and a feeling for the subject. This may also help you with your specific career choice - not an easy decision in view of the diverse and qualified employment opportunities of political scientists.