Is autism an autoimmune disease

Gluten-free diets are worth a try for autism!

Many parents with autistic children therefore do not only pay attention to a gluten-free diet. Most of the time, the gluten-free diet is also kept dairy-free or at least casein-free (casein is one of several proteins in milk).

Not always, but in some cases this diet could significantly improve the children's well-being (5). It can therefore be assumed that not all, but at least some of the autistic children can benefit from a certain form of nutrition, so that it obviously seems a good idea to test certain forms of nutrition with autism.

Now, however, warnings are often given against a gluten-free diet, as if it were malnutrition and as if children fed gluten-free were suffering terribly. Of course, a gluten-free diet can be designed in very different ways (like probably every form of nutrition) - namely healthy, but also very unhealthy.

A healthy gluten-free diet usually provides more vital substances than a conventional gluten-free diet, so that it does not pose any risk. On the contrary! We have already reported in detail on this topic here: Gluten-free diet - but right! and here: Gluten-free nutrition: consumer advice centers advise against - we clarify

Since all of our recipes are dairy-free, they are also automatically casein-free, so you can try all the gluten-free recipes from our cooking studio.

Correction / addition from April 15, 2020

We have under "Can gluten lead to autism?" two more sources added: the studies / sources (7) and (8).


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