Is DMSO effective as a cancer treatment

Does DMSO Help With Cancer?

Does DMSO Help With Cancer? - Effect of DMSO

With its regenerative and cell-protecting effect, DMSO helps with cancer. To explain this effect, one must perhaps first imagine that cells degenerated in the disease no longer do what they ought to do based on genetics. DMSO now takes on the task of repairing the derailed cell metabolism. The changed growth functions are steered back on the right track. DMSO can repair the mitochondria and inhibit microbial growth, thereby turning the melanoma cells back into normal cells. The active ingredient is often used in antiviral therapy or chemotherapy because of its ability to easily penetrate the affected cells. It pounces on malignant cells and can deliver remedies to affected, often hard-to-reach areas. Some studies show that the active ingredient has an anti-tumor effect. Inhibition of the growth, proliferation, migration and colony formation of cancer cells was found. The substance also causes cancer cells to die naturally and protects against radiation damage. But can I use DMSO and MMS or other preparations? Yes, DMSO can be used individually but also in combination with other substances such as MMS, hematoxylin, procaine and others. The effect is supported by a healthy lifestyle and diet and DMSO, as a natural healing method, can strengthen the self-healing powers and bring about healing.