Ships Sephora to India


During this time, we not only improved our skills and knowledge in building digital businesses, but were also able to make many contacts with other entrepreneurs, founders and agencies. We quickly noticed a problem that everyone had: a highly fluctuating need for developers and web designers. This fact, as well as the lucky coincidence that my friend's cousin and business partner ran a successful web development agency in Poland, led us to found a company - the LeanUpIT Solutions Agency.

Together with another fellow student who had contacts to well-trained programmers in his home country India, we were able to expand the business further. We became specialists in IT outsourcing with a focus on the outsourcing of individual web and software development. Our contacts in Poland and India gave us the opportunity to pass on the cost advantages of nearshore and offshore outsourcing to our customers, which made us very successful.

My latest project is the Beautytech startup Beautyself, where I am active as COO & Co-Founder. Beautyself is the first inspiration & curated shopping platform for beauty products that integrates community & technology into a personalized customer experience. The fact that we are in the right place at the right time with this project is shown by various awards and nominations such as winning the Douglas #ForwardBeautyChallenge 2019 in the BeautyTech category, participating in the Sephora Stands Accelerate Program or the Business Insider award for one of the Top 25 fastest growing startups 2020 in Germany.