Which golf balls are the longest

The absolute weirdest golf records

The absolute weirdest golf records

This is not about birdies or bogies, about world records as we know them, but about the most unusual ideas that people around the world come up with about golf. The wildest golf records that nobody knows:

The furthest distance from which a water bottle has been holed

In May 2017, Matty D chipped a water bottle from just under 2 meters into a golf hole.

The longest balancing act with two golf clubs on one chin

In June 2014, Doug McManaman balanced two bats on his chin for one minute and 46.75 minutes.

Most punched putts by a group of golfers within a minute

Alan Cox and his friends completed 9 punched putts from 6 meters away in Sydney in 2017.

Most putts from two yards within a minute

Metty Du Plessis stuffed eight putts from a distance of almost two meters within a minute.

The longest golf shot while sitting

Another record from Metty Du Plessis: The 13-year-old hit his drive from the bar stool for almost 200 meters.

The longest balancing act with a golf club, tee and ball lying down

Doug McManaman balanced a racket with tee and ball for one minute, 18.78 seconds while lying on his back in July 2016.

The longest time a wooden pole has been balanced on a golf ball

Suresh Gaur balanced a wooden pole on a golf ball for 28 minutes 49.66 seconds in 2016.

Most golf balls ever held in one hand

In 2012, an Italian was holding 27 golf balls in one hand at the same time.

The longest distance a golf club has thrown

Roald Bradstock of the Golf Club Chucker Association of America threw his golf club 59 yards. A sensational detail on the side is the wonderful commentator, who can hardly contain his enthusiasm.

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Most consecutive bounces with a golf ball on a table tennis racket with alternating hands

Brian Pankey managed 127 bounces with his ping pong racket in 2011 while switching both hands and sides of the ping pong racket.

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Successive bounces on a hammer

Brian Pankey managed to bounce a golf ball 310 times on the flattened side of a hammer in August 2012.

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Most consecutive bounces on a wine bottle

Mark Evans had a golf ball bounced 2,576 times in a row on a wine bottle in 2016.

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Most golf balls in your mouth

In 2013, Indian Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya stuffed five golf balls into his mouth at the same time.

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The fastest time 50 golf balls were hit

Mark Evans hit 50 golf balls in 13.04 seconds in October 2014. You can safely skip the first 1.50 minutes of the 2.16 minute long video.

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