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Kiss latex?


Has anyone already made experiences with the manufacturer "Kisslatex"?

He sells his clothes on a homepage of the same name, but also on Amazon and Ebäh. I really like a suit. But ordering blindly is not my thing.


02/12/2015 at 2:19 pmprofilereplyFrom ecoxxxxxx
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re: Kiss latex?

I just looked at the website at the same time. I can only agree with the previous opinions.
Then it is better to order directly from a well-known Chinese manufacturer than to throw the coal down the throats of some middleman.

02/12/2015 at 4:17 pmprofilereplyFrom spixxxxxx
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re: Kiss latex?

Yes, I looked and found a few pictures on Ebay.
and that sometimes takes 3 times as much as the flip that you order in China.
But custom-made products in China also have their pitfalls.
So if you want something good to measure, sory but save a little longer and let us do something for you in DE.
that fits most and you also have a contact person.

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re: Kiss latex?

I also order most of the goods in Germany, but there are also differences in quality! The same in China. Not everything from there has to be bad automatically. At least the quality of Latexcatfish is very good, which cannot be said of many other Chinese "manufacturers". There's a lot of junk in there! New fantasy names appear all the time on ebay and elsewhere! My willingness to experiment is very limited! And as described in another thread recently, if it goes very stupid, the money goes away!

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re: Kiss latex?

What bothers me is, among other things, that the texts are translated terribly bad. And with the prices you really don't have to buy anywhere from someone. This is definitely a worse and more expensive alternative to China.

02/12/2015 at 8:35 pmprofilereplyFrom spixxxxxx
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re: Kiss latex?

so not that there is an outcry now.
But you want to order cheap in China, because look at them.
Ebay - (audreyhepburn.cn)
------- (samuel1215)
------- (008lolita)
all 3 seem to be related anyway.
but please pay attention to the measurement of the shoulder to the crotch.
the RV does not stretch.
- I've already ordered a whole suit with foot, gloves and mask.
Shipping time approx 8 days.
and yes you can wear the suit well and for a long time.
So completely OK for the money.

But if you want to have something really good made to measure, I still believe that a manufacturer from DE is better.
OK latexcatfish cn has also improved over the years.
but what is whom what is not okay Warranty processing is usually difficult.
but well, everyone has to decide for themselves.
Weighing the risk and the money saved.

But just wake the hands of the avoidable middlemen from DE.
That is the mostly cheap truth from who knows where.
They only pass on your measurements to whoever, and let them do it abroad.
or look for a suit based on your measurements that comes closest to your measurements.

so now to Kisslatex
true times reported in Ebay cn under (planett8)
currently on Ebay de under (suad0009)
And the address given is a residential building.

02/13/2015 at 7:24 amprofilereplyFrom Micxxxxxx
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re: Kiss latex?

that means nothing at first, I still know various addresses of this kind from the 80s, so nothing was known about china. there were also various lll suppliers at home or in the basement or garage.

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