Is a girl cry an instinctive behavior


"I'm waiting for my mommy," I trilled, letting my legs dangle from the bench. "Because she went hunting."

The man in the big hat and staring eyes blinked at me confusedly. Apparently I seemed to have startled him with my words. So I always tried to be polite, just like my mom had taught me.

“My mommy hunts enough for the three of us. You can also eat if you want. "

He tugged on his stiff hat. "Oh, that's very nice of your mom, but you probably mean that she is something to ..." He looked around and the darkness seemed to mind something.

“Don't worry, my mom can see very well at night. Besides, it's very fast. "

He scratched his head and stroked my hair. "You say your mom can see at night?" I nodded proudly. One day I want to be as strong and fast as my mom. "She's the best of our family."

He seemed interested now, so he asked curiously. "What family are you?"

I crossed my arms over my chest. Aunt Gwendolyn once said: 'We should be careful what we say about our food. After all, it should taste good. '

"I'm not allowed to say that," I giggled, and I enjoyed playing with the man. But where was mom for so long? She had been gone for a while and my stomach was slowly starting to hurt. I tapped it with my finger.

"Listen, little one, we've been sitting here for over half an hour and I was supposed to be going home to my wife, but I can't just let an eight-year-old sit out here in the dark."

"My mom is coming soon," I said with a smile, and yet I began to doubt my words. Where was mom Otherwise she never needed that long to get the food. Had something happened?

He rubbed his stubborn chin nervously. "Yes, I like to believe you, little one, but it's very dangerous to sit out here alone."

I shook my head stubbornly. “No, the youngsters are protected from the elements. Nothing can happen to me. "

Another blink from the strange man. Did he have something in mind? In any case, he didn't seem to know about us. ›Is that stupid.

"Obviously your mom forgot you or she ..." He rubbed the back of his neck as if he were sweating there. "... you know, little one, I think your mom has abandoned you unfairly." He looked at me now. "She left you."

My horror at his words brought tears to my eyes. “No, my mom would never do that! You lie!"

He got up from the bench and held out his hand to me. "Come on, I'll take you to my house and then tomorrow we'll take you to a lot of other children who are just like you."

Did he speak of many other beasts? So many children? That would be wonderful. But I couldn't go, after all I had promised my mom to stay here and wait for her like an obedient child.

“Can I go with you to see all these children tomorrow? Because I promised my mom to wait for her. She'll be here soon. "

The man's dark eyes seemed to tremble. He felt pity, but why? “Your mama won't come, little one. It's the middle of the night and all shops are closed. "

But what did the people's feeders have to do with us? Somehow the man looked very inexperienced. Should I enlighten him? An eight-year-old girl like me was the brightest in the class. "No," I laughed out loud, slapping my thighs like adults sometimes do. "My mom is in the park hunting."

"What is she hunting?" Suddenly his voice was no longer friendly at all. Somehow he was tense.

That was the greatest secret that we should never reveal to people. Aunt Gwendolyn always said that then the devil would break loose.

I pretended to have a key in my hand that I could use to lock my mouth. Then I threw it away in a wide arc. The man looked after the invisible object.

"Oh, is that your secret then?" I nodded victoriously. "If you come with me, I'll show you a beautiful key with red rhinestones."

The performance was so wonderful that I jumped up in delight and clapped my hands. When the man smiled and took my hand, I felt a chill in him. Somehow I lost confidence in the person with the dark eyes. "Wait!" I called, and he actually stopped.

He looked down at me. "Is something wrong?" His fingers were tense and trembling now.

"My mum!"

“She won't come! Now finally understand that! ”He shouted in a malicious voice and finally I jerked myself away from his hands. I took a big step back and put her behind my back.

"You are angry! I knew it! "

His face changed suddenly. The friendly grimace turned into a mean expression and something looked very dangerous about him. His aura began to spray and touch mine. This contact already told me everything.

"Come with me, little one, I'll give you all the sweets you could wish for." Yuck! How disgusting. I didn't like sugar, and I didn't like sweets at all. Aunt Gwendolyn said: 'Sugar only simulates a satisfied hunger and gets your blood pumping. The genetically modified food of people can no longer be trusted today. But their bodies are still clean enough.

"I don't like that!" I hissed back, clinging to the bench as the man tried to grab me. Finally he eyed his surroundings and noticed that we were alone. Why did people always have to be so rebellious and annoying? What did the man in black expect from me? Actually had he to be afraid.

»Mamé, paque tera te yizI exclaimed in the bestial way. The man was startled, but did not let himself be confused for long and grabbed my stomach. Finally he tugged at me until my weak little arms gave way.

He held me painfully, yelled once in my ear to calm me down, and finally started to leave. »MaméI screamed defenselessly and suddenly I could feel her strong, powerful aura. She was very close. Besides, Mama had eaten her fill.

"Are you finally giving up now?" He growled, holding his hand over my mouth so that the area sank into a single silence. My arms had stopped beating when my mother's aura was so close it gave me instant warmth.

The man stopped abruptly and noticed how calm I suddenly behaved. He looked at me and must have thought at first that I had passed out. But he was wrong. "What do you have?"

"Hello mom," I said with a smile and the man turned around with me in his arms.

Before him stood a slim, powerful and very irritable woman. Her hair was the same as mine. They hung from her like a shiny silk scarf and the dark brown color melted into the darkness around her. The light gray eyes shone through the shadows on her face. She looked dissatisfied.

"Let my child on the floor immediately!" She commanded in a terrifying voice. That's what Mama sounded like when she was irritable.

The man laughed. He rummaged through his coat with his free hand and pulled out a gun. He held it up to my mom's head. "You are probably less strong now, huh?"

Is he stupid? Does he actually know who he's dealing with here?‹People were really stupid, just like Aunt Gwendolyn always said:› People are to us as animals are to people. That's just the way it is. We also protect the innocent and this is the form of life created by the gods guilty!‹

"You're going to be at my next meal, my friend!" Said Mama spitefully, licking her red lips as she did so. There was still blood on it.

Suddenly the man trembled and let go of me - although he had actually felt strong before - and took a step away from her. Finally I ran into the soothing aura of my mom and immediately felt a sense of home.

She gently stroked my curly hair. “Sit back on the bench, honey. Mama will get you another meal, okay? ”She switched her gaze to the man. »Itara pasû, Kidé!« - Close your eyes baby.

I did what mom told me to, dangling my legs as I sat on the bench and putting my hands over my eyes. After all, mom didn't want me to see her hunt yet. She said: 'At your age you should play, get to know your body, exchange skills and feed on your mother's blood for as long as you can.'

When I grew up, I was finally allowed to go hunting with Dad. But Dad was never home, he always had to go to work and take care of our family. Yet papa was totally rich!

I was humming to myself and in the background I could hear the screaming and pleading of the dark-eyed man.

I stared at the moon when I realized I was running out of time. Mother had already run up and sucked the blood of her victims. She was one Potoris, a bloodsucker. Their approach was similar to that of the vampire bat, but in no way resembled the well-known legendary figure of humans.

My aunt Gwendolyn suffered the most disgusting and rarest fate. She ate up her victims; Eyes, flesh, hair ... My body resisted at the idea. But she could also keep herself on her feet with a lot of canned food, just like eating corpses. This terrible species was called Carolis.

Uncle Zeth lived on bone marrow that he only stole from hospitals and ate his fill. That is why he never went on the hunt, because through good contacts he got the marrow delivered to his home. His kind was called Oslis.

Finally there was the last scavenger. Me. I was one Animis. My body longed for the most precious and ultimate human good: the soul. If I refused to eat, I would have to pay for it and die.

The Bestia claimed that their addiction to humans was a blessing from the gods. Because people had committed terrible things, they had lost their faith and offended the gods. Because of selfishness and hatred, the bestia fell upon their bodies for years. So the beasts were loyal servants of the gods and we feared their wrath should we forget or deny our task.

I knew I was always different because I liked people and didn't want to kill innocents. Paeon, my mother, often got angry with me and forced me to take in someone else's soul. That's why I hunted alone, and in any case, I felt pain as soon as I stole someone's life. The beasts may have been a blessing to the gods, but only because they could still their vengeance. But actually the life form said that it suffered from a terrible curse. If my mother had heard these thoughts, she would have beaten me blue and bloody.

All of my family believed in the gods as Catholics in the Lord. Therefore, it gave them all the more pleasure when they killed their victims. Sometimes I could see the vengeance of the gods reflected in their eyes. Why could our creators not rise from their throne themselves and destroy people? I almost felt pity at the sight of my choice. A seven-year-old child and two older men had to believe in it for the past few months. With a lot of practice I was able to delay my thirst and keep the number of victims small, but just thinking that this gift was a curse ...

"Selene!" The name of a goddess of the moon. My mother gave birth to me during the night, hence the name. “Gwen and I are going back to the property. Why do you always take so long? ”Paeon could be very eccentric at times when she wanted to.

"I haven't seen anyone yet." She raised her eyebrow and I quickly realized that my excuse was a weak one. "Not a suitable one, after all I should be fed up with it." To give my facade the perfect finish, I stuck my tongue out cheekily to appear playful.

She fell for it. "All right, you will follow me then, okay?"

I nodded and saw her disappear from the scene. Paeon was incredibly quick. Her twin sister, Pagon, was a councilor for the Custois. The people feared the bestia and the bestia feared the custois. They were messengers of the gods, guardians to be precise. They believed that one day people would find out about our existence and build mighty weapon against us. The custois provided our shade at night as well as during the day. They also determined the laws and also owned the book of creation. The first beast was called Levit, and after that his followers appeared.

Besides hating myself, there was a far worse and more horrific crime that I had committed. I even tried to waste as little thought on it as possible. If it ever found out what I had done, even the gods would punish me in the most horrific way imaginable. I fell in love, and not just with anyone, but with a person. He could have been my meal, but for some inexplicable reason I couldn't bring myself to kill him. He knew what I was and he kept it like his greatest secret.

I met him three and a half years ago and meanwhile I felt queasy at each of our secret meetings. My conscience told me that one day the truth would come out.

"Good afternoon, beautiful woman," came the most wonderful, melodic voice I knew. Ciaran looked out from behind a tree and smiled at me in love.

I couldn't describe my joy at all, after all we only saw each other at night and sometimes I secretly popped in at his work at the airport. I mostly pretended to be a passenger who just sat in a chair for hours and waited.

"I haven't checked to see if my family is around." Ciaran grabbed my waist and pulled me to kiss me passionately. His spell drew me into such an incredible warmth that I forgot the really important things. Should the love between me and Ciaran ever come out, all four scavengers would attack him. Nothing was left of his body, let alone his soul. The very idea made tears well up in me.

"Let's get out of here," he whispered in a charming tone and we crept through the park until we reached our secret hiding place after a few streets. Nobody lived here anymore. The house was a complete wreck, but over the years we'd made a comfortable room for ourselves.

“Ciaran, I don't know if I'll be able to see you next week. My aunt and mother wanted to go on a trip with some custois. ”I sadly lowered my head and thought of how unbearable it felt to be without him.

He lifted my chin so I could look at him. "So what? Then I'll wait until you give me a sign. "

"I love you," I whispered, and he pressed his lips to mine again. Even though Ciaran was human, I could feel an incredible strength in him. He was sincere, funny, and made me feel the most important of all. He made me feel his love and gave me his heart every night.

Finally he slid his hands down my body, kissing my lips as well as my shoulder and chest. He gently took off my shirt and looked at my body. A small smile showed on his face.

He pressed me gently on the bed and also removed his top from his body. As he leaned over me, I glanced at his muscles. Ultimately, I couldn't help but run its strands over every fiber. His lips landed on mine again and they acted like two magnets. We only stopped our kisses when an item of clothing disappeared from our bodies. It took less than ten minutes before we were completely naked on top of each other.

His mouth wandered from my breasts to my stomach and enjoyed my legs. A low moan escaped me and my body wanted nothing more than to reinforce this wonderful feeling. When Ciaran finished his kisses, I wrapped my arms around his neck to allow him to enter me.

Our lips found each other again and I was overwhelmed by the most beautiful feeling of happiness in the world.

After many minutes, I was in Ciaran's arms and we were staring out at the sky. The pane of the window hadn't been cleaned in a long time. The stars looked so obscure that evening.

"Ciaran?" I began in a whisper, burying my head under his chin. “I'm more afraid every day. It's been almost four years now and the feeling that they might know about us doesn't let me sleep at night. "

He stroked my arm as if he understood my fear.

"Aunt Gwen always looks at me strangely when she leaves me alone and Paeon usually looks suspicious when I stay away too long." I realized how vulnerable all these years had made me and let my tears run free. "They will tear you to pieces ..."

He kissed the top of my head. "I chose this life with you, Luna." It was his own invented name for me, since Ciaran belonged to the Catholics and the faith came from Rome, he chose a Roman deity. "So it will be my fate if they take me apart."

I rubbed my cheeks, but the tears didn't decrease. Ciaran took my face in his hands and gently brushed away every drop. "Then I don't want to be anymore either."

His face grew serious. "No, Luna, you have to promise me that you must never even consider suicidal thoughts, understand?"

I was silent. What was the point of life when the dearest person in the world was taken from you and you hated your own race? I might as well be dead, because then the time together would have been wasted. When I was a child I felt everything was normal and real. Now being with Ciaran seemed like a dream and my family life like a nightmare.

"I have to go," I whispered, and got out of bed. In a few seconds I had my things on my body and Ciaran looked at me one last time. "I'll see you," I smiled and just as I was about to disappear from the house, a thirst attack set in. I stumbled down the last flight of stairs and lay down on the floor.

Ciaran heard the noise and hurried over to me. "Have you done something to yourself?"

My throat hurt when Ciaran came near me. He knew what I was and what I could be capable of. Between the pain and the urge for his soul, I pressed out: “Get out! I ... I can no longer ... "Then the rumble came from my throat and Ciaran knew what I was warning him of.

He ran back up the stairs and I got up from the floor, wobbling. I had to take to the streets immediately to escape the aura of Ciaran. Ultimately, even through blurry vision, I found the door and stormed out.

The fresh air flooded my senses and I almost recovered myself. But then Ciaran stepped out of the house and looked over at me. My vision became blurred again and I turned my back on him. His aura finally disappeared after a few seconds. With such a thirst, I could not return to Gwen and Paeon.

In the alleys I looked for a soul even if it hurt again to have to kill another person. Ultimately, I exclaimed that if any of them had urges like me, they would have no inhibitions about satisfying their hunger.

After all, the situation fit like a fist. A girl's scream rang out in the alleys and she seemed defenseless. It was not uncommon for a woman to be raped in this city. I followed the voices at a fast pace and landed in an abandoned parking lot. Six boys circled a petite girl who lay defenseless on the floor. One of them lunged at her and pinched her hip with his legs. He grabbed her breasts with his hands and tore her shirt up so that everyone could see the underwear. Lustful words came out of the boys' mouths and they continued to intimidate the girl. Fortunately, something like this could never happen to me.

Before the real rape started, I jumped out of the corner and approached the gang with a confident demeanor. They saw me coming straight away and thought I was their dessert.

"Hello, my beautiful one," said one of them, noticing my unafraid gesture.

"Oh, good evening, guys," I replied her turn-on and snuggled up against the first one. "I enjoy being at such an exciting party."

They laughed and seemed to believe my words. Even before the person touched me with relish, I took his arm and broke it as if it were a small twig. The crackling left everyone paralyzed.

"You ..." Even before he gave me one whore I broke his neck and turned to the others.

"Who's next?" I said in a nasty tone, and on the one hand I liked to scare the others. They didn't deserve it any other way and sometimes my instincts ran off with me.

They all started running away and I grabbed whoever was sitting on top of the girl. He didn't get far, because before that I grabbed his shoulder and flung him backwards onto the asphalt. The boy cried out convulsively and I grabbed his neck. My right hand closed his throat and lifted him off the floor. I put the other on his heart. One could compare soul robbery with a drug. At some point you got into a frenzy and felt the blood pulsing in your body. My heart in particular was pounding loudly and palpably on my chest. There was pressure in my hands and finally the beast power grabbed the boy's soul. He stared at me with big eyes and the next moment his eyelids fell down and he fell lifeless to the floor. My thirst was gone and the pain came over me again.

I went on my knees and wanted to scratch the asphalt. My finger cut itself on a splinter, but the torn skin quickly closed up again. The anguish was so terrible that my stomach turned and made me feel miserable nausea. My neck tingled and tiny needles poked around in my arms.

"Are you all right?" Was that the girl's voice? I had just killed two people in front of her and she asked mewhether I was fine. Either she was on drugs or she was completely insane.

I got up from the floor, inhaled the air several times to finally find peace in my body. I turned to her with a jerk. "There are corpses!"

She looked at the lifeless bodies and shrugged. “You deserved it. Because of them my best friend is dead. " Oh yes, welcome to the devil city.

I checked her clothes and realized that she must be a slum girl. "Where are you from?"

"From Block 11." Then I had actually saved her life. After the guys pulled through her rape, the little one would be dead long ago. Still, it was none of my business, my body was full and it was time I returned home. I shrugged and turned my back to her. "Wait!"

That had to come. I rolled my eyes.

"You're strong and incredibly fast and you've just sucked the boy's soul out, haven't you?" The girl thought, and all alarm bells went off in me. Where did she get this information from?

Breathless and horrified, I turned to her and grabbed her chin. She was trembling all over, but I wouldn't hurt her, but she couldn't know that. "Be careful what you say, little one, otherwise it can happen very quickly that nothing will be left of you." Just the thought of Aunt Gwen and Uncle Zeth ate ... painfully and brutally.

“II don't know exactly what you are, but I need your help. "

I almost laughed out loud, what an irony. The humans needed the bestia's help. Really funny! I let go of her chin and kept a careful distance. “You don't know what you're saying. Didn't you see what happened to your buddies? "

She wrinkled her nose, crossed her arms, and furrowed her eyebrows in insult. "I know very well what you are, Bestia!" I just heard another option. Apparently she was intentionally trying to provoke me or keep my attention. How could a person know about us? “You are dangerous, but you could do me with one Human problem help."

I was just about to take a breath and would like to erase her memory, but I didn't and listened attentively.

“My mother is employed as a cleaning lady in a property and her master beats her brutally. She couldn't walk last week and now he was so angry that he had locked her in a cellar. When he had time, he would go down to her, mistreat her and be miserable. "

"Oh, you want me to avenge your mom?"

She nodded eagerly, and her pale face with long black hair looked innocent in a way.

"Look, I don't help people." She looked at the corpse on the floor and raised an eyebrow. "Actually," I corrected myself quickly, "but I'll make an exception with you and think about it."

"Thank you, stranger."

"Luna," I said quickly. It would be better if she knew a fake name, because if she met another beast and questioned her, I would already see myself hanging on the gallows.

"Amaia," she said with a grateful smile and looked over at Block 11. "Can you take me home?"

Yes, of course, honey, it says babysitter on my forehead too.

"Hurry up," I growled in annoyance, and urged her in the direction by placing a hand on her back and pushing her. "I don't have time for that anymore."

In the end I took her to Block 11 and then walked back to the park to reach the neighborhood of my property. As I just got to the center, a figure jumped down from a tree and blocked my way. It was mother.

"I've seen it! You helped the girl! ”She took my arm and slapped me loudly in the face. “You shouldn't help people! You are so incompetent and stupid, Selene. If I ever see you helping our food again, I'll hand you over to the custois. ”My cheek burned like fire and I didn't dare touch it. "Are we clear?"

I nodded ashamed and let my mother drag me out of the park. “Klara is the best huntress in our family. Golbin is the fastest runner and Hera is a better soul mammal than you! « Yes, I was the black sheep of the family. I was constantly doing mischief, disobeying the commandments of our creators, and bringing shame on my family. "Why did I have to give birth to such a daughter!"

"You should have let him kill me," I suddenly shouted beside myself, breaking free from her rough demeanor. She knew who I meant by that. “You just want to make a good beast out of me, but have you ever wondered if I That wants? God, you are such a selfish wicked mother. "

At these words she winced and kindled the fire inside her. She grabbed my throat, squeezing it so tight that the pain stole my scream and breath. "Ingrateful bitch!" My nickname!

With a strong pull she threw me to the ground and I flew meters across the meadow. Small stones or sharp edges tore open my skin. Because of the new soul in me, it only took a few seconds for the injuries to regenerate. But the cheek and shoulder blades felt like a bad bruise.

“You are coming, Selene! And dare not show up in five minutes, I swear by the gods, I'll suck you up personally. ”Her threats should be heeded, because mother always meant business. There was only one thing she would never do, and that was to reveal my behavior to the custois. Because that would be a shame for the whole family and my mother would have to kill me herself. She was very rude and cruel, but by and large she owned them Bestial love (not comparable to the love that people feel) for me.

I waited a while longer until mother was out of reach and then got up from the floor. When I had healed every filth and injury, I went to the mansion and quietly crept into my room.

On the bed I thought of Ciaran and the fear of losing him came over me again. I was scared of falling asleep and I would cry every time I thought about the same nightmare. My hands were shaking as I called out the screams and this scene was so incredibly real.

Being a beast was a curse and not a thousand lashes could change my mind.


An eternal night. Darkness, stars and a faint glow that tried to push its way through the treetops. The sounds of the forest and the rustling of the wind gave me a shiver down my spine. There he was again. The tree that reminded me of a canopy. Its branches spread over the greenest spot.

But something was wrong here. "Bitch!" Came the sound from behind me, and something sharp pierced my back. When I turned around, it was Aunt Gwen who put a dagger in my shoulder. I fell to the ground screaming and pulled the gun out of my bone. The burning and pressing at the same time made me feel like I was dying. Ultimately, I would be freed from my curse.

"Look at him!" My mother screamed and Ciaran stood under the branches of the tree. There was blood on his lip and he seemed dazed. I kept shouting his name, but somehow he was unable to look at me.

Uncle Zeth and Aunt Gwen held my arms so I could watch the execution of the man I loved dearly. She took his head, kissed his neck, and ripped her teeth through his veins so painfully that I could already see the red on his body. I had never heard Ciaran scream before, it sounded so excruciating. His suffering brought tears to my eyes, which streamed down my face. My family's forces prevented me from killing my mother. But nothing stirred, Paeon sucked him up to the last drop.

"Look here," she called. I shook my head and stared at the trampling grass below. My knees had dropped to the floor and I refused to face the sight any longer. "Look at your loved one!"

Gwen helped and yanked my head toward the tree. I still had my eyelids closed, but I had to open them because the tears stung. When I finally saw the sight of the dead Ciaran, I couldn't help but scream out loud and try to wriggle out of my aunt's clutches. They let go of my arms and I stormed towards Ciaran.

Mother threw me a malicious laugh and the others also longed to see me suffer. "Humans only bring suffering, Selene." No, beasts bring suffering to humanity! “Let go of him and stop feasting on his dead body. You disgust me!"

I looked into his empty eyes and knew there was no going back. Ciaran was dead forever and it was my fault.

Dying is not a punishment, not an end, but a bridge that one had to cross, whether one was ready or not.

I often imagined death was a mercy because the curse always reminded me that I was doing wrong. Shakespeare once wrote: ›You don't have to look back at things that can no longer be changed! What is done is done and remains so. ‹

I wish our love could go on forever until the two of us grew old and died. The dream had appeared for the fifth time in the past few months and it would come true one day. I couldn't and didn't want to feel the pain anymore. Ciaran made me feel loved and respected as a person. Even my own family despised me because I was not as hungry as the others and mostly used repentant words. My mother had made her threat yesterday and Ciaran had to know that he wouldn't be able to see me again for three weeks. After all, she would keep an eye on me now and follow my every step. I couldn't run into Ciaran during this time, otherwise we'd both be sentenced to death. Paeon would suck him up to the last drop and they tore my heart out of my chest, like Grandma Monette.

To make a beast obedient, they removed its heart and let an icy cold bloom in its body. There has never been a hungrier Potoris who delighted in the blood of her victims.

The pain for Ciaran's death would probably be gone, but my body would be bursting with souls. Besides, my mother would have me in her hands.

Apart from removing the heart, there was also the soul-robbing of one's own bestia. The process lasted for hours and was like a painful stabbing in the chest. As a result, the person also became emotionally cold, but a new soul could form - the stronger the real me, the sooner.

It would be clear to me that Paeon would prefer this method, since side effects could arise without a heart and she did not want to lose me. A sick beast was a dead beast.

"Selene!" Gwen yelled from the hallway. "Hurry up! You have to go to class! "

I acknowledged her attention and quickly sat down at the desk to get a message to Ciaran. I tucked the piece of paper into my jeans and grabbed my handbag for the besties school. It was in the middle of the thickest forest in our area. The journey took less than four minutes.

In the foyer everyone ran into their class and luckily there were only two hundred students here and a school that was much too big. However, many left yours truly and I left theirs.

In the class, I sat at the back of the class and didn't have a seat next to me, which made me a lot easier. A distant relative of Lavens (our family) and teacher entered the hall. She always looked at my seat first, as if to check that I wasn't skipping a day.

"Good morning, you beasts!" She greeted us politely. "We'll continue with the material immediately, so you can take a well-deserved break earlier."

Everyone cheered - except me.

“Let's start with the portoris. All raise their hands to suck the blood of their prey. ”Half the class answered, seeming proud of their ability. "In contrast to all other scavengers, the portoris‘ are the most common. "

I sighed and looked out the window briefly to examine all the other trees. I already knew her stature and size very well. Sometimes I wish we'd all stay home and vegetate or worship the gods to lift that curse off our shoulders.

"Carolis?" About fifty percent of the other half of the class answered, and I hesitated to think about how these beasts lived. “This species is one of the second most common, then come the Oslis. «Four students answered - strictly speaking and without counting yours truly. "The rarest kind of scavengers are the animis, the soul-suckers." Everyone looked back over their shoulder at me and without my having to report, everyone knew that I was the only one in the class. Perhaps many were jealous of my gift, even if I didn't know exactly why one should be greedy for a curse.

"We started talking about hunting skills and instincts last week." A boy answered. "Yes, Dustin?"

“Ms. Kiyl,” he exhaled strained, “I ate a person yesterday” - Oh God, I hoped he kept his details to himself - “and then right away I had the urge for a whole body again and I was hungry breastfed only after three corpses, is that normal? "

She nodded and smiled gently, as if he had asked a wonderfully pertinent question that she had a perfect answer to. "Well, Dustin, every beast eats differently." I could tell that the boy had a fat belly and thick thighs. Could human flesh make you obese? "Apparently your body needs more meat than anyone else's."

A gag reflex emerged, which of course the whole class noticed and they turned around to me again.

Mrs. Kiyl had me in her sights. "Is something wrong?" I said nothing, hoping she would just continue with her class. "When did you have your last meal, Selene?"

Yesterday's boy's dead eyes still loomed before me. "Last night."

Andria Kiyl knew that my family only hunted at night because we didn't want to upset the custois ‘. Actually every beast should do it, but there were a few unsaturated people who couldn't stand it until the evening and also "ate" people during the day. The thought of Dustin's words caused another gag reflex, but nobody noticed. "Well, Selene, how did it feel and how many people are you killing?"

Of course, the class wanted to know how it felt for me when I ate souls. "One a month." There were terrifying noises in the class.

"One a ... month?" Andria exclaimed in horror, holding her hand over her heart. "Have you ever been to a custois and asked whether it is normal for you to be so undernourished?"

I would have loved to laugh out loud, because my "malnutrition" was entirely intentional. If you only knew how much it hurt my heart when I killed someone. In the case of children, even some tears ran down my cheeks and their memories popped up in my head. They played in my mind's eye like a movie. "I'm satisfied after that." The eyes bored through to me. "As you said, Mrs. Kiyl, every beast is different in this way."

Even though I had used her own words against her, she still seemed to find my meals strange. But I was glad when she distracted me and started teaching again. In biology we studied the human body and our own. With us, the heart was on the right and not on the left. There were also invisible chambers in the body of a soul eater that stored its food there until it was used up.

I was so incredibly happy that school was over and that I could go home after the psychological terror. For a human, this lesson would probably be cannibalism. Anyone would call us utterly bloodthirsty and insane, but that was the only way to survive the curse that was upon us.

We had the last hour off and so I was able to sneak into the airport without my mother being watched. I saw Ciaran from afar and he could almost feel my presence. Our looks said more than a thousand words and I already missed his face. He used the check-in counter and could hardly concentrate on his business as soon as I was near him. Our love was such a strong bond in itself that we were made to last. Fate had united us.

Finally, I stretched my aura once more over the entire area in order to possibly touch one of my fellows. However, there was no beast in my vicinity and the handover could begin.

People possessed a delicious soul scent and children smelled the most tasty. Her delicate skin and this young life of the soul were almost irresistible. But the thought of taking someone's life stung my heart so that I almost fell on my knees in the midst of the crowd and gasped for breath. But I stood behind the crowd and tried to remain calm. Perhaps Ms. Kiyl was right, I was eating far too little, which could ultimately lead to an intoxication that, firstly, in the end I didn't know about and, secondly, left a mountain of dead people behind.

"Excuse me, Fraulein," said an elderly lady who came up behind me. "This is the switch for Hawaii, right?"

I looked at the blackboard above people's heads. "Yes, it says there." I could hear the barely audible growl in my voice. Oh god, hunger gnawed at me.

"Oh yes? Forgive me, but unfortunately I can no longer read well. Getting old only brings pain and can mutilate you. " Then let me end your sufferingI growled and my instincts tried to take over my senses.

Eventually my eyesight waned and my muscles began to shake unrestrainedly. My breathing was irregular and it wasn't just me who noticed it. “Are you all right, miss? You are very pale. "

Damn it! My thirst was not quenched enough yesterday. "I ... claustrophobia." The lady moved away from me and I hurried outside at inhuman speed to the large, luckily deserted parking lot.

I couldn't breathe and everything looked blurry and although I didn't move, my world was shaking. I fell on the asphalt between two cars and closed my eyes to control my uncontrolled thirst. However, it took several minutes, maybe even what felt like half an hour, until I was able to get up again and the urge was gone.

I exhaled in relief and was just about to head for the airport again when a person came running. I stood upright and stuck my chest out so that no one would notice that I had collapsed on the floor. On closer inspection, I discovered the dark blue uniform and the muscular, familiar body of my beloved Ciaran. I wanted to hug him for joy, but my mother's threat was in my mind.

Ciaran seemed to be able to read minds. “Are you all right, Miss? The elderly lady told me that you had a panic attack earlier? "

I was still panting painfully. "It's getting worse," I whispered very quietly, but he understood. "I'm feeling better, thank you for your concern."

Ciaran reached out and crossed my hand with my right. Unobtrusively he took the piece of paper and it pained me to know what to tell him. I loved this person so much that three weeks felt like an eternity.

"If you don't need any more help, I'll go back to my place of work." I nodded in satisfaction and he disappeared, albeit with a heavy heart. His body looked so gallant and confident as I walked that I wish the urge for souls would just go away and turn me into a person.

On the way home, I met a custois on the path who was apparently coming from our property. He stopped in front of me and I was not allowed to show any uncertainty towards one of these guards. There was one consecrated of them who could read minds. If he ever knew what was going on in my head, they would consume Ciaran down to the last drop and separate my heart or soul from my body.

"Oh, Fraulein Laven," greeted me a very young custois. He was new, what luck, "I just went to see your mother, she wanted new medicine." My mother had ingested poisoned blood years ago. Since then, her body has only regenerated very slowly. Sometimes I wish she would die from it, but that would be a thought that also went to her against my bestial love.

"I hope she'll get better as soon as possible," I smiled worried and at the same time professionally acted.

"Sure, one of our envoys had examined her and found that the more blood she drinks, the sooner she will get well." I smiled contentedly and started to move on. "Wait!"

My heart was beating faster and for some reason I got even more nervous. "How is your youngest sister? Robeen? ”My dearest bestia in the world. There would be no one for whom I had developed a human love as much as this small, playful child. In fact, I mostly preferred them to my brother.

"She's back from boarding school in Ireland today and will start school here."

He smiled contentedly and continued on his way without saying another word. When I turned my back to him, I had the feeling that his gaze was still on the back of my neck. He looked at me strangely, as if trying to find out something inside me.

A tense atmosphere awaited me in the property and my uncle Zeth stepped down the stairs in the foyer. He smiled at me. "Selene," he greeted me and kissed my forehead. Then he stroked my hair and asked about school. I responded with a shrug of my shoulders and gave a teen-like answer. "As always."

He had to laugh and ran to my aunt Gwen in the living room. She waved to me with a grin before continuing to watch people's news. Gwen liked to talk about the American President and that she would like to eat him. Hopefully one day I would get tinnitus and go numb so I wouldn't have to listen to conversations like that.

A childlike voice called out as Robeen slid down the stairs. She almost fell, but my arms caught the awkward little girl. Her hair was golden blonde and her light blue eyes made her look like an angel. "I missed you!" She snuggled close to me and pressed her sugar-sweet lips to my cheek. "Big sister!"

In fact, I had longed for my favorite beast and one day she would probably also become an animis and I was allowed to go hunting with her. Robeen had human features at times, and I hoped one day she would feel the same as me. If I found someone who suffered the same fate as me, we could share our common thoughts and understand our feelings better. However, I first had to be one hundred percent sure about Robeen. Mother had as tremendous an influence on the little girl as I did.

"Ah, you're back," my mother greeted me with less joy. She apparently still seemed angry about yesterday. “You have to do something for me. I'm not supposed to get out of bed, but I can't lie down all day. ”My mother was pretty hyperactive in my opinion. “You have to go to the Wendlers and send them a message. We will be holding a celebration for Robeen's return next week on Sunday with some custois. "

I nodded obediently and Paeon handed me the letter with a seal as proof. Then she disappeared back upstairs and apparently lay down in her bed. She was very powerful for a sick person. Since a custois had given her the order to rest for the first time, I might be able to meet with Ciaran after all. A smile crept onto my face at the thought.

"Why are you laughing?" Asked Robeen, pressing my lips with her fingers.

I rubbed my nose against hers. "Well because my favorite sister is back!"

She cried out in delight and wrapped her arms around my neck. "I love you." A beast would never say something like that, and nobody but me had heard it. I meant that gesture. Robeen felt partly human and for some inexplicable reason I feared the school might change it.

"Selene?" I turned to Gwen, Robeen in my arms, who was calling me. “Will you take the letter to the Wendlers now, please? I want you to know about it as soon as possible. ”Zeth turned to us too. "Stephan will definitely be out of school by now," she winked at me. My family really wanted to pair me up with one of their sons so that at some point we would get married and have children. However, I hated Stephan. The only time I went hunting with this Oslis, I felt so sick that it took me days to get the cracking of the broken bones out of my head.

"I want to go with you!" Robeen shouted happily and Gwen grinned permissively.

I put her on the floor and confirmed her request to my aunt. I immediately made my way outside, holding Robeen's hand. We were silent for a while in the forest, but soon my little sister couldn't stand the silence any more. "Selene?"

"Yes?" I said with a smile.

"Mom hit me yesterday." A twitch went through me because I knew how hard my mother's blows could be. "She did that because I said I don't understand why we kill people who look like us." Oh yes, never equate a beast with its prey.

I stopped, looked around carefully, and knelt down by Robeen. "Listen, honey, you must never say anything like that to Gwen, Zeth, our brother and Mama." She looked at me inquiringly. “But I'm different, okay? You can say something like that to me, okay? "

"Yes!" She said happily, clapping her hands. "Then we have a secret." I nodded in confirmation.

"Don't ever tell mom that you love her, that's human, honey."

Suddenly a light seemed to dawn on her. "I'm only allowed to say bestial things, right?" I nodded again and kissed her forehead.

“I can understand you, little one. You're like me. ”Finally I mustered up all my courage and briefly closed my eyes to be clear about what I was going to ask her now. "You like people, right?"

Robeen looked at me in horror and trembled all over.Her light blue eyes began to glaze over and she seemed to be suffering from an emotional outburst that was also human. "Don't tell mom! Please don't tell mom! "She cried and I hugged her comfortingly.

"Honey, I have something to tell you." She sniffed and we looked each other in the eye again. "I like people too." Suddenly a smile spread across her face. I put my index finger to my lips. "But nobody, nobody at all is allowed to find out about our secret, okay?"

Her tears disappeared. "I promise it."

We continued on our way satisfactorily and Robeen kept telling me about her stay in Ireland. She said she could never find real friends because she was different. Suddenly I didn't feel alone anymore because of her presence and it gave me hope.

Finally, after a few hours, we arrived at the Wendler's property and were greeted with joy. Of course there was only one beast here who was really interested in me: Stephan.

"Oh, Selene, my moonlight," he greeted me, and admittedly he had the decency and looks of a wealthy heir. He was, however, the complete opposite of Chiaran. His looks were just too perfect; blonde hair, gelled back, gray-blue eyes and a complexion that is not too pale. He could have become a wonderful model that all women coveted. "You look so beautiful." Slime!

Mrs. Wendler; also blonde, updo, silk pants and blouse, high-heeled shoes that clacked everywhere and purple lips that looked dangerous; reached out her hand to me with joy. "Lavens great daughter, where is your brother Velten?"

"He's currently in an extension boarding school." Luckily!

She clapped her hands in applause. “Such a smart boy. I'm glad he gets on so well with Sophie. ”Yes, so that her daughter would soon be married to my brother. "However, she also left with my husband, since they are both pursuing a special hunt." Pooh! A Carolis and a Potoris. One sucked out the blood and the other delighted in the white flesh. A shiver ran down my spine and left an icy cold.

“I'm supposed to deliver a letter from our family. You are cordially invited to Robeen's celebration. "

I didn't know if she was pretending to be happy because the gesture sounded completely forced. She put her hand on the right side of her chest and looked at the letter in surprise. Maybe she had guessed it too. "What an honor!" Her joy had really been practiced. "Of course we'll come." She turned to Stephan. "Did you hear that, my son?" She turned back to me and I put on a serious smile that Bestia found very attractive. "You can offer my greatest thanks to your family."

I nodded and she headed for the living room. Before she disappeared she turned to Robeen. "Oh, my pretty, come with me, I have a little surprise for you." She smiled contentedly and obeyed the lady. Then they left me and Stephan alone. Somehow the thought scared me.

I had noticed his lustful looks. He found me irresistible, of course, but I was disgusted with the way he was. There was no more brutal Oslis than him. Just the idea of ​​it made me sick again and I wondered why I didn't remove my stomach so that every time I hunted together I wouldn't get acid in my throat.

He moved closer to me, grabbed my hips and pulled me so that I bumped against his member. The gesture disgusted me even more and I would have loved to repel him. At that moment I only had thoughts for Ciaran. "You are so wonderful that I longed for your moon-like appearance." Yes, I was beautiful, but still it didn't change the fact that I found him in no way attractive. "I missed your full lips, ma luneHe breathed, and embedded my face in his hands. Stephan had been to France once and now he thought he was the world's best Frenchman. I could understand some things, but some words made me wonder. For example, he once called me canon and I had to do some research on the internet. When I discovered it, I found out that it was me the whole time Sex bomb called even though we had never slept together.

I couldn't refuse Stephan, because it would be human if I told him that I was waiting for the right person. There was no true love among the Bestia, because all you had to do was breed and get along. Once these two points were in agreement, nothing would stand in the way of a wedding. I should have done things differently, but Stephan read every wish from my lips, which didn't exactly simplify my plan.

His hands ran over my breasts and rubbed my back. One day I had to marry him, I couldn't keep withdrawing and pretending it was a lack of time.

"Do you have time, ma chérie? ”He leaned over to me. »Voulez vous couch avec moi?“I would have loved to slap him on the face. However, that would again be human, because that was a clear announcement for reproduction.

I closed my eyes, actually wishing Ciaran would shoot through the door and save me from this lecher. But instead my little sister saved me, who hopped screaming through the room. "Look, Selene!"

Stephan let go of me immediately and I ran relieved to Robeen. I would have loved to take her in my arms and thank her for this hopeless situation. She was accompanied by Mrs. Wendler.

"Lorene said it was better to kill people or to calm them down." She held out a stun gun and I was shocked to see what Lorene had given a small child.

I swallowed hard and looked at the dangerous device. “Wow, that's very nice. Did you say thank you? "

Shame was reflected in Robeens eyes and she immediately turned to Lorene. "Thank you so much," she said in a sugar-sweet voice. "Then I will definitely be able to hunt much better."

She nodded happily and glanced briefly at her son. When he returned her gesture, I could almost hear her thoughts.

"How did it go?" She would ask him.

His disgusting grin would have been on his lips. "Great, soon we'll be fathering the first heir."

This disgust had to stop at some point. No matter where Bestia were, the urge to run away or to be alone overwhelmed me.

"Come on, beast, we're going home," I called out in a firm voice, but the Wendlers obviously had a plan.

"Are you leaving us already?" Asked Lorene, disappointed. "It's a shame, I would have liked to have played with Robeen a little more." My sister recognized my thoughts immediately, although my mask was impenetrable.

She saved me a second time. "I have to show mom what I've got and besides, she's still sick."

Lorene played another hand over her mouth to show her concern. "I hope she will get well soon." Honest? So not me! "Get her well soon from all of us." She looked at Stephan, who confirmed her condolences with a nod.

I smiled thankfully and said goodbye to both of them. Stephan looked after me until we locked the door. Robeen noticed my pale face and asked, but I waited until we were out of reach and no beastly aura was around.

"I'm afraid of Stephan and I don't love him." Robeen could understand me, because she finally had a sixth sense for this feeling. “But I have no other choice. So if we both don't want to attract attention, we have to surrender to the men who are courting us, you understand, little one? ”Fortunately, the Wendlers didn't have a son Roben’s age, as if they could still have plenty of time.

“I'm sorry, Selene. I don't quite understand love yet, but I think that's something mom always says: such a bond. "

I nodded. "Exactly, you feel something for someone and you want to spend a lot of time with them."

She grinned with her sugary smile. "Yes, then I love you very much, Selene!" I had to smile briefly and gently stroked her hair.

“Love is a wonderful thing, little one. It gives you hope and support. But it can also be very painful if this bond should no longer exist. ”The pain came to my mind along with my dream yesterday and the cold enveloped my skin.

At home, Robeen showed Paeon the stun gun, and even my mother was very polite when she received Lorene's gift. She also asked me about Stephan and to make her really happy, I managed to get his lascivious words out of my lips. I never thought that my mother would be happy that Stephan wanted to have sex with me.

She even admonished me. “Why didn't you do it? Robeen would have played with Lorene during that time. ”Oh God, how crazy was the world of the Bestia? I stammered indistinctly. "You are mature enough and fertile, what stopped you?"

Just everything. I thought of Ciaran and how we had our first time. He acted with a lot of love, earned every part of my body and fought for my favor. Stephan just wanted one thing and couldn't love.

"I'll do it next time, I promise," I said, noticing the tremor in my voice. My mother could hear it and gave me a suspicious look.

"I'll find out soon then," she said in a slick voice, indicating a pregnancy. The very thought of bearing a child from Stephan shook me with a lot of reluctance.

Finally I lay down in my room and thought about how Ciaran might have received my unpleasant message. Was he annoyed and yet, in retrospect, understood that it was about both of our lives? Time was running out. One day I would actually marry Stephan and have children with him. Mother would ask for an explanation for my refusal and that would probably give me away.

There was only one way to end all of the fear and pain. There had never really been a future for me and Ciaran as we were both from different worlds. So that neither of us was harmed, I had to make the only, albeit excruciating, decision: it was time to end my relationship with him.

One week later …

Mother was on her feet again and the medicine of the Custois seemed to make her feel better. But finally today was the celebration for Robeen and I looked in my closet for the right dress for Stephen's eyes. It was, of course, my mother's will that I dressed as charmingly and beautifully as I could. She hoped that I would go to bed with Stephan. If it couldn't be avoided, I had no choice but to pretend it was my will too. Stephan would report my rejection immediately and that would result in painful blows from my mother again. Besides, what would the Wendlers think of us?

Finally, I decided to go for a dark red wine that went great with my hair. The colors in the mirror were almost identical. It made my gray eyes stand out like a flare. Together with my pale complexion, Stephan would not be able to keep his hands off me one hundred percent tonight.

Last night I stayed up all the time, wondering how I could survive sex with this lecher without realizing that I hated him. Ciaran came to mind and he was my salvation after all. I would have to stretch my imagination so far that Stephan looked like Ciaran and I might climax.

However, I was also concerned that Stephan might notice that I had lost my virginity. This truth should never come to light, because then everyone asked me the truth. I had no choice but to admit that I had my first time with someone.

As a test, I slipped into the skin-tight dress, which had a few ruffles at the end. Above it was strapless and accentuated my breasts very well. They were pushed out by the narrow girth and already chose Stephan so that I could be received.

Finally, I put make-up on my face and emphasized my lips with the same color as my dress. When mother stepped into the room, she gave me a satisfied smile. "That looks very good." She looked at my legs. “The frills make your thighs disappear. Don't you have anything shorter? "

I swallowed clearly. "Yes, but it's black and I wanted to try an erotic color," I lied, hoping the argument would overrule her.

She looked over my waist a few times, touched my breasts, and tried to push them out further. Soon my warts were popping out and I was ready to walk naked. She looked fervently at my hair and criticized my curls. "Straight hair looks more tempting."

She disappeared from the room and came back with a straightening iron. "Sit down, I'll do your hair."

Paeon was really rough about that sort of thing. Her arms were powerful and then there were the skinny fingers that mostly got stuck in my knotted hair. Sometimes I had to bite my teeth and get over the pain. Plus, the slightest movement of me made her believe that I would ruin everything. My mother was not at all loving, she just wanted to be praised in heaven by the custois. Allegedly there was a redemption every fifty years, so a family was sent back to the gods. Pure superstition!

"You are allowed to go to the bedroom of our ancestors with Stephan today." She wanted grandchildren! I couldn't avoid it any longer and had to accept that Stephan was my future husband. “And woe to you spoil it again! There are already rumors in the air that you might refuse to be deflowered. "

She pulled a strand tight and I bit my lip to endure the pain. "I've already planned all of this, now calm down."

"I want to hope so for you, Selene, because otherwise I'll open up other pages." Whenever she threatened to do so, I would soon be sitting on the custois confessional. In the church people confessed their wrongdoing, but with the beasts they were punished in pain for their sins. The last time I sat on it, they had whipped my back and stuck long needles through my muscles. Just remembering the pain made me shudder.

"You're impatient," I admitted in a cold voice and she put the last strand in place. Then she sprayed hairspray on her work so that it wouldn't break.

When she disappeared from the room, I saw myself in the mirror and thought to myself: "You look like you would like to be caught up!" Tears crept from the glands and flooded my sight. I couldn't cry, after all, I had just finished making up. Why did every single second of my life have to be torture. Why couldn't the purpose of our life consist of peace and happiness? Why did we avenge the gods and act on their behalf?

Maybe it was better if I declared myself dead, took my life and eventually found my peace in a void consisting of pure darkness.


I had practiced idealism two hours before the festival began. I checked all the erotic features on the body again and thought about how I could impress my mother. She liked it best when I got down to business immediately and let my ideas run wild.

The reception room was decorated with gold and brown tones. Curtains and carpets were replaced. There was a fireplace in the back of the room with seating. The guests and the family all ate at the big table. A band of people manipulated by the Custois played the violin, piano and double bass. The mood was more than lively, because the beasts didn't seem to know who to speak to first.

The room filled in a few minutes until each of them had arrived for Robeen's celebration. Stephan greeted me first and probably melted away from sheer eroticism. His eyes couldn't get enough of my body.

Mentally I had prepared myself for this moment and tried to imagine Stephan as Ciaran. After doing a lot of exercises and thinking for hours, the idea bloomed in my head.

"What a lovely rose," Stephan greeted me and his mother Carolin Wendler also hugged me and kissed my cheeks.

"She looks wonderful," she cheered. 'Yes, to fuck!' It boiled inside me. My mother smiled proudly. "All of your daughters and sons are a true miracle, my dear Paeon!" "Let's toast it, future weddings!"

I looked around for a relative and Gwen actually joined me. She greeted Stephan with a warm hug, as if he already belonged to the family. "We haven't spoken in a long time!"

"I am pleased to meet you again, Gwendolyn."

She giggled. "How long have we been by you?" Her eyes switched to me and she leaned over to my ear. “Mother is very impatient. She won't let her out of her sight for a moment. "

I looked over my shoulder and in fact she seemed to be completely focused on me. Her eyes pricked my neck like thousands of needles. The moment had now come.

Gwen disappeared to Zeth and Stephan moved a little closer so that his chest could crush mine. He wrapped his arms around me and leaned over to my ear. "You have ten minutes before I tear your dress off your body in front of everyone present and take you here and there."

That was a very lovely compliment for any beast. People would take it as a threat. It meant that my outfit had an effect and Stephan stuck to his statement. He really would.

I put on my simultaneously erotic and charming smile. My eyes looked briefly at his pants. “Well then we want to him Don't keep waiting any longer. ”One could already see a distinct bulge.

Stephan clasped my hand and I led him up to the bedroom that my mother had offered me. The four-poster bed was a bit older and still had a sprung mattress. Everything in the room looked old and medieval. My mother still liked the old furniture.

Stephan closed the door and immediately began to take off his shirt. When I realized that everything was going too fast, I was at first completely perplexed in front of him. ›You're about to fuck him. He'll invade you, probably hurting you because the sex is his way. He will caress everything, every part of your body.

Suddenly I felt sick, but I took another deep breath and tried to imagine Ciaran. When Stephan was already naked in front of me, he looked at me questioningly. "Is what? We're thinking the same thing right now, aren't we? ”He was tall, taller than Ciaran's. He would tear me apart if Stephan were to take me through with his brute force.

You have to act! I chased away my shocked facial expressions with a shake of the head and concentrated on my mask. With one finger I put his bare chest in my hand and pulled him to my body with a jerk. It excited him. "I thought maybe the Lord would like to undress me."

Before I could wink at him, Stephan positioned his hands on my breasts and tore the dress from my body with one pull. Underneath was a black and red lingerie that was adorned with many tips and shapes. Stephan ran his hands along my arms and stopped by my pelvis.

"I don't think we will need the panties," he whispered, and he tore those too easily. For a brief moment I felt completely exposed and tried to keep my hands from coming in front of my penis.

Stephan first touched my vagina to check how wet I was. Fortunately, this was one of my fewest problems, because I could be aroused quickly. Even Stephan seemed to succeed. He grinned successfully.

His finger slid deep into me and my throat bared an exciting moan. Then I slipped my high-heeled shoes from my feet and only the suspenders remained.

Stephan kneaded my C-size breasts and I spread my legs for him. Without warning he thrust his penis into the vaginal entrance and there was still no trace of an exciting feeling. It hurt and such a scream almost slipped away from me. But I tried to moan as loudly as possible, because mother wanted to check whether I was actually sleeping with Stephan.

The further bumps were more bearable as I got used to the pain and Stephan was no comparison to Ciaran. He did not enjoy the sex, but acted like a bull that brutally pushed its horn into the hole.

The minutes felt like an eternity and Stephan always kept the same rhythm. I had to take several deep breaths and force myself to widen my legs.

But finally Stephan groaned and poured himself into me. His voice had been my release, because at last he pulled his member out of me and lay down next to me, ready to use.

Fortunately, he couldn't tell that I had cried during intercourse. The tears had rolled down my cheek in pain and before he noticed them I quickly wiped them away.

When I felt myself downstairs, I couldn't just detect sperm. It must have struck so hard that it began to bleed too.

Panic spread through me, but also relief, because now he had to think that he had deflowered me too. I wanted to reach for a cloth to wipe off the liquid, but Stephan grabbed my wrists.

"Now we come to the other part," he whispered, and the uncertainty scared me. He led his hand to his penis, which was still sticky with semen. "You know what to do, honey."

Oh God! He wanted me to put it in his mouth and suck on it like it was my personal lollipop.

"If you are overly satisfied, I'll treat you to something." Oh, how nice of you! "I am very curious already."

I tried to hide my disgusting face and had to ignore the sperm-blood taste that was coming.

When I leaned over him and put his member in my mouth, I wanted to vomit. In the end I tried to do my job well and after fifteen minutes Stephan reached his climax a second time. I swallowed the liquid and gag reflexes wanted to spit it out of me again.

Stephan noticed my reaction and ran his fingers over my face. "I forgot that you were still a virgin." He sighed and brutally pushed me off the bed. With a loud cry, I fell to the floor and immediately rebelled. "Go have a good wash before I touch it again."

Anger boiled inside me. Was he kidding me? Quick and ready for a fight, I got back on the bed and grabbed his wrists. “Listen, you pervert! Do you seriously think I'll let you order me around? "

Stephan's smile faded and I had forgotten that the male bestia were always superior to women. He grabbed my arms and we both fell to the floor with a roll. Stephan sat on top of me. "As soon as we're married, different rules apply here!"

Should that be called a marriage? Was it the same with mother? Maybe that's why she never felt so drawn to my father. Then there really was no love in the world of the bestia.

"You can't treat me like your personal hooker!"

Stephan laughed in amusement. "Do you know what really excites me?" My heart was pounding with excitement and I wish I could escape immediately. "Little girls who start screaming when they are hurt."

Bestiamese were known to play sadistic games with their victims. Apparently this trait carried over to their own race as well.

Stephan opened my legs with force and before I knew it, he pushed his stiff member into me again. I cried out in agony and tears streamed down my cheek. Stephan actually seemed to enjoy it. My screaming made him more violent and the pain never stopped. At some point I begged him to let it go, but he didn't stop.

Suddenly everything happened too quickly. The door was pushed open and a shadow stepped inside. The light from the hallway blinded me. Then there was a choking scream and the pain stopped inside me. Hands were on my shoulders and a voice whispered to me: "I'm here."

Hands embraced my body and put them in a cozy warmth. "Everything is fine, my little one."

When the shadow took shape, I could see a light blue and immediately knew who they belonged to. Ciaran was here. He was here.

Completely shocked, I looked to my right and saw Stephan, who was lying unconscious on the floor. "We have to kill him," I said, and I wriggled out of Ciaran's arms.

Tears welled up in my eyes. He is here.

Uncontrolled of my senses, I grabbed a knife in the drawer and knelt next to Stephan. "He has to die!"

Ciaran wanted to start something else, but splashes of blood flew towards me as I tore the heart out of his chest and held it throbbing in my hands. Ciaran put his hand to his mouth and almost vomited. For me blood and death were everyday life.

Completely rigid and confused, I put on a dressing gown and slipped into my high-heeled shoes. "You are here," I said again.

Ciaran saw my shock and grabbed my wrist. We fled quietly down the hall and closed the door behind us.

Stephan is dead. He is here.

Ciaran's body was shaking and he didn't care if my hand was stained with death. We ran into my room and stood at an open window. A rope hung on the window sill and Ciaran climbed down piece by piece. On the ground he whispered to me: "If you jump down, take the rope with you."

I tore out Stephan's heart. He's dead. And he's here.

I obeyed, even in a perplexed state. With a gentle roll, I landed next to Ciaran, who immediately urged me to move on. We fled across the meadow and avoided the paths. It was only twenty minutes before we reached a car in silence.

“I have IDs for both of us. We drive far away and then we can start over. "

Stephan is dead. He is here. My family will never stop chasing us.

Ciaran looked at me and tried to guess my thoughts. But the very fact of what I had done would foreshadow the future. They would find me, torture and kill me.

Ciaran had to be kept out of it and start a new life of his own.

The engine roared and I put the handbrake on before the car could start rolling. Ciaran gave me a horrified look. "What shoud that?"

"I love you," I said, half crying, half sobbing. Then I opened the passenger door and got out.

Ciaran followed me and I tried to force him to go on without me. Finally I rolled his arm behind his back and threatened him with cold words. "Get in the car, Ciaran, or I'll break your arm."

He snorted contemptuously. “Do it! I've told you before that I won't have a life without you. Then let them come and eat me. "

With anger and love, I pushed him away and he fell to the ground. I hated this guy for his ambition. He fought for what he wanted. "You're an idiot! They will torture you, slowly and painfully. "

"I don't care," he breathed, and with a groan he rose from the ground. "You have two choices, Luna, you can get in the car with me or I'll accompany you on your way."

I looked away from him. "Please, Ciaran, do it!"

He was silent, from which I concluded that he refused.

I had to make a very tough decision. "All right, I'll come with you."

He smiled and we immediately got into the car. He started the engine and this time I didn't pull the handbrake, but waited until we reached town. "Wait, Ciaran."

He stopped in a parking lot.

“I can't sit in the car like that. There's a toilet over there, let me clean my hands, or we'll put the police on our backs. "

He nodded in agreement and I memorized all of his features one last time. I would never see him again. He knew where our property was, but I would make sure that a barrier kept him away from us.

Ciaran was beautiful, charming and the love of my life. Before me lay a path full of pain and misery. The gods would probably punish me for my crime and even torture me until they reached a psychologically critical point. They would make me crazy and let me serve the custois.

Finally I got out of the car and already on my way I felt an incessant longing in me. She let tears well up again.

In the toilet, I escaped through the back exit and sprinted back to the property. My speed was faster than a car. You could compare me to an airplane.

In the property I already started my sentence and went through all my memories one last time. Ciaran, Gwen, Mom, Dad, Zeth ... Robeen. The little one had to do without me now, even if it could be that one day she met the same fate.

I strutted into the hall with my bloody hands and my mother's dressing gown and suddenly everything fell silent. I thought my heart was the only sound I could hear.

"What happened?" Gwen exclaimed and she clenched her fists angrily because she could already guess what I had done.

I put on a smiled smile and enjoyed the sight of my shocked guests. »The happens when you mess with an indomitable beast. ”To clarify, I raised my bloody hands and suddenly Carolin screeched and many other relatives swallowed.

"My boy!" She exclaimed, storming past me. Others followed the worried mother and less than a minute later there was an excruciating cry.

"Stephan is dead. I tore his heart out."

For the very first time in my life, I saw awe in my mother's eyes. And I enjoyed the sight.

"What did you do?" Shouted my mother, overwhelmed by her anger. She stepped up to me, grabbed my throat, and pressed me against the closest wall. I almost couldn't breathe, but I let in her anger. Because I had only one hope: Please kill Me. I can no longer bear this suffering.

"He deserved it, that asshole," I pressed out between my lips and she threw me against the wall with one powerful blow. I gasped, screamed in pain as even the concrete arched.

I was lying on the floor, knowing my head was bleeding, and just hoping my mother would put her torture methods out of play. Or worse ... she sent me to the custois.

At the thought I panicked and wanted to get out of the house when someone outside got in my way. With wide, horrified eyes, I stared at the broad, huge man whose posture and scowl had already taken my breath away then. It was my father.

"What's going on here?" He asked, and only then did I realize that he was pulling someone out from behind his back. The exhausted body belonged to Ciaran. I looked down at him, trembling and guilty. He was kneeling on the floor and already had several cuts and scratches on his body.

"No!" I exclaimed and I was about to move towards him when two arms pulled me backwards. With all means and remaining strength I tried to wriggle out of her capture. However, I had no chance against Gwen and Zeth.

Now it was my mother's turn and she seemed to have an inkling of the connection that had developed between me and Ciaran. She gave me a devilishly amusing look and strutted over to her husband. They greeted each other with a very deep kiss. "Well done, my darling."

When I ventured a cursory glance to the left, some custois in their robes came running up. One of them looked over at me and I recognized his face. Only recently did our paths intersect in front of the property's front door. Now really would have struck my last hour.

I looked at Ciaran, who had raised his head. "Why did you do that? You were free! "

He tried gesticulating to deny my statement. "I've told you before that life without you is never an option." He bowed his head again and my mother lifted his chin with her scrawny fingers.

“Stay away from him! Do you hear! Let him go, ”I shrieked beside myself, trying again to wriggle out of the clutches of my relatives.

My mother smiled playfully and looked into the light blue eyes of the man I loved. “So you turned my daughter's head.A person who would rather die than be with her. "

"Please please! I do everything you want, but give him his life. It's not his fault. ”Tears ran down my cheeks and I began to cry in despair. They would never let him go. I had killed Stephan, only his mother would want to harm me emotionally.

"Out of the way!" Speaking of the devil … “Let me through! Where is that little whore? I want to make them pay for it! "

When I looked at the custois, I saw Stephen's mother glaring at me angrily and walking towards me with a raised hand. She slapped me several times, during which I didn't even get a chance to defend myself. The arms were tied behind my back and every heavy blow made me more painful. With the last blow she hit me with her fist and I instinctively spat out blood as the taste of iron in my mouth tasted like iron.

Lorene looked down at Ciaran and her jaw dropped down. “My son has been compared to that wretched person? She was more interested in one of her meals than in an honorable bestia? "

I hissed: "God, your son was a lecher, rapist ... a monster!" She walked over to me again, grabbed my forehead and dragged it down so that I had to look up at the sky.

"Don't you dare to talk about my son like that," she snapped, and hit me again on the cheekbone, which then cracked.

"I know how to punish them," said a custois, and strode in the direction of Ciaran. It was the one who struck me as a little creepy. “Emotional damage is sometimes the most painful. We'll kill him in front of their eyes. ”He turned to the standing beasts. "Which Carolis would like to feast on human flesh?"

I opened my eyes. "He's still alive!" My mother gave me a bitter grin and turned to her sister Gwen.

"Would you do that?" She asked, switching places with her. Now it was my mother who grabbed me tight and treated me even rougher than my aunt did. Finally Gwen licked her lips and knelt down next to Ciaran.

I desperately tried to free myself from the clutches of my own family, but I couldn't do anything against Zeth. He had immeasurable strength. Gwen took his arm, tore the shirt apart so that he could see his flesh. When she bared her teeth, it all happened in a split second. She pushed the sharp corners into his flesh, Ciaran screamed painfully, closed his eyes and tried to avoid the urge to scream further.

Gwen violently yanked the piece of meat from his arm and chewed on it like it was tough rubber. Ciaran would bleed to death because part of his arm was already running out like a cut-open bag of water. Gwen my father standing close by and the green grass was stained with his blood.

She looked at me grinning and my knees could no longer hold my weight. They collapsed, bumped into the grass and I watched Gwen poke her teeth into his flesh a second time. She behaved like a wolf that just killed a deer. However, she was by no means gracious, but devoured him alive.

The wounds were hideous. They were bleeding, bones peeked out, and I could see the severed veins. Ciaran would die - my dream would come true. It should have happened one day and it was all my fault. We should never have met, then he shouldn't have fallen in love with me.

I bowed my head so as not to have to endure the sight any longer. Finally my mother went over and roughly grabbed my chin. "You right there, darling!"

Ciaran looked at me weakly and I wanted to let him know that I was sorry. But he seemed to have some kind of hope in his eyes. He was looking at me in an incomprehensible way, as if he wanted me to let go of him.

Gwen pushed it away after the third bite as if it were a piece of trash. Afterwards his body contained only a little life force, so that he probably still perceived the bare essentials around him.

"Paeon, suck him up," ordered the custois, and she did not have to be told twice. I tried to defend myself against Zeth again and kicked his shin, but he gave me a punch that made me dazed for several seconds.

My mother knelt over him and thrust her wolf teeth into his throat, then Ciaran screamed again and couldn't move his dogged arm. With the other he tried to push her away. But Paeon was even tighter than a leech.

All of this was a simple nightmare. I still had to watch Ciaran get eaten up by my family and was unable to do anything. It felt hideous and humiliating and I wanted to have died that moment too. I had never seen so much blood, let alone heard such a pained scream.

Ciaran and I would never kiss again. The feeling of emptiness overwhelmed me. She embraced me like an icy embrace, embedded me between blackness and hardness and greeted me with a cruel slap in the face with every moment that passed.

Finally she let go of him, pushed the lifeless body away and I shouted Ciaran's name. He didn't respond, and then my mother's claws grabbed me. She dragged me to him so that I was over Ciaran with a firm push. He tried hard to keep his eyes open.

Tears dripped down my cheeks as I looked at the blood and could literally feel the pain. I took his head in my hands and tried to speak despite the stammering and whimpering: “I'm so sorry. It was all my fault ... we ... please forgive me ... "