Are introverted friends romantic

Introverts & Extroverts in love and partnership

I would rather describe myself as an introvert than an extrovert. I am very rarely bored, can deal with myself and other things very well, do not need so much * company * Nevertheless, a thunderstorm breaks out in my head, full of thoughts and ideas, about which I philosophize and write down rather than talk. I am very deeply absorbed in my thoughts and in my philosophy - world, can deal with myself very well, do not need as much attention as an extrovert, regardless of whether it is in life or in love or in a partnership .

There are many advantages of an introvert and an extrovert but also certain disadvantages of an introvert and an extrovert. In this topic I would like to discuss these two types, especially in the area of ​​love and partnership and in everyday life.

Because if you look at these two types differently, you can very well observe how different they behave, only in love but also in a partnership and in general in everyday life.

An extrovert behaves in a partnership or in everyday life, more openly and thus appears a little pushy and rough, an introvert, on the other hand, tends to observe before he says something, reveals his feelings, he analyzes more and finds more fulfillment in the quiet Zuhà ¶ as an extrovert.

It is also clear that we are human first and foremost, but let's leave these categories and types aside, like extroverts, introverts,

An introvert also often has more self-love than an extrovert, because the extrovert needs this love from outside, from someone else, unlike an introvert, who can be satisfied with himself, has a certain self-love, but also often portrayed as a * narcissist *. Or you can see it as such, of course you would then have to distinguish the difference between healthy narcissism and harmful narcissism.

I also have some self-love, including self-confidence and other things, but have never felt like a narcissist.

As soon as I describe myself and act, I feel more like an introvert than an extrovert, but that doesn't mean that I'm shy, that doesn't mean that I can't show my feelings, but that doesn't mean that I am one I am a narcissist etc.

My question in particular is, among other things, this:

Does an introvert need more attention in love and partnership, in general in everyday life?
Does an extrovert need more attention in love and partnership, in general in everyday life?
What kind of guy are you, extrovert or introvert or a mixture of both and why or why?
Can an introvert complement an extrovert in a love and partnership? Can you fit together?

I find there are a lot of prejudices against introverts in love and partnership than with extroverts, although I sometimes cannot agree with these prejudices, from my point of view as a more introverted person.

Maybe it can be discussed a little bit. I would be interested to know what you think about it.

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