How can I build an effective prototype

Prototype construction

More efficiency through modern production technology

Prototech Asia has established itself on the market as a prototype manufacturer and offers its customers both direct prototype construction and the production of small series with numerous modern technologies. If you have a prototype produced by us, you can use it to validate design and functionality, for example, or launch the introduction of a new product in small series. Thanks to the high reliability and the very good manufacturing quality, customers from a wide variety of industries such as the automotive or toolmaking as well as the food and consumer goods industries rely on our prototype construction from China.

Prototype construction as a core element of corporate efficiency

Product development is a great challenge and involves enormous effort in most companies. With rapid prototyping and modern prototype construction, we as a prototype manufacturer can simplify part of this process and thus ensure greater efficiency. With prototyping and prototyping you can quickly access the respective developments and thus hold your designs in your hands as a finished end product. So you can visually and haptically assess the function and design of the products, hand them over to reference customers and thus test the effect of the new achievements directly on the market. We are also happy to take on series production according to your specifications.

Prototype manufacturer with many years of experience

Rely on Prototech Asia for building and developing prototypes. Thanks to many years of experience and a modern production park, we can develop modern and efficient prototypes in various materials for a wide variety of industries. We only take a short time from the design to the finished prototype. Efficiency and quality are very important to us and are part of the maxims of our company.

Sample construction and prototyping with modern manufacturing technologies

In order to satisfy our customers and to adapt the prototype construction exactly to the wishes of our customers, we offer various production processes in the area of ​​prototyping and prototyping. As a prototype manufacturer, we can therefore take individual requirements into account and manufacture prototypes that are both precisely manufactured and absolutely functional. To do this, we use four different methods:

  • Stereolithography: An additive manufacturing process that comes very close to 3D printing. Particularly important in prototype construction when rapid production of prototypes from plastics is important. Ideal for visual and ergonomic tests on prototypes and for design validations.
  • CNC machining: Manufacturing processes for prototypes close to series production. The subtractive process creates prototypes that are also comprehensively suitable for mechanical tests.
  • Vacuum casting process: Effective process for small series and prototype production. The process is also suitable for the production of flexible components and offers an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Plastic injection molding: an effective method for series production. Higher initial investment through the production of the casting mold, but then inexpensive and, above all, efficient in production.

If you would like to have a prototype produced, we can react flexibly both in terms of materials and functionality thanks to the above-mentioned processes. In addition, many of the processes offer the possibility of switching directly from prototyping to the production of small series, thus simplifying the start of production of your new product for you.

Prototype manufacturer with a lot of experience

Prototech Asia has built a solid reputation over the years and has served many companies around the world. In our online showroom you can view some of our products and prototypes and get an idea of ​​our services and the possibilities we offer. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to have a prototype made, Prototech Asia is your partner of choice.

Prototype construction in China: inexpensive and effective

All of our prototypes are manufactured in our facilities and factories in Yuyao, China. In this way, we can not only offer our customers a bundling of all manufacturing technologies at one location, but also benefit from the favorable manufacturing conditions there. Our modern machine park and our high-quality production equipment ensure a smooth production process and fast production times. Despite the geographical distance, we can react quickly and offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of various services in the field of rapid prototyping. So you can order the production of your prototypes from us quickly and easily and have them in your hands in just as short a time. Find out more about the different materials used on our website. We would be happy to advise you if you are not sure which procedure and which materials are best suited for your individual case.

Fast work and fast shipping

Prototech Asia is an experienced provider in the field of prototype construction and offers its customers a correspondingly comprehensive range of services. The prototype or the products you want will be handed over to shipping after production and a strict final quality control and delivered to you by express shipping by TNT or DHL. We offer delivery within just a few working days. Thanks to the tracking number included, you can follow the parcel to you at any time. This makes it possible to have modern prototypes of the best quality manufactured by us in China within a very short period of time, without long delays for you. Take advantage of our services in the field of prototyping and prototyping and you will soon have your own prototypes in your hands. Thanks to modern materials, you can comprehensively assess not only the visual design, but also the functionality of the prototypes. Getting a prototype has never been so easy!

Our prototype construction experts will be happy to advise you

As a prototype manufacturer, we have already established ourselves extensively on the market and have worked with many different customers from a wide variety of industries. In our design laboratory, we can offer our customers comprehensive services and use different technologies in production. Contact us for an individual inquiry and advice. We will send you a fair and non-binding offer within 24 hours. We would be happy to show you the possibilities in prototype construction and explain to you which materials and which work steps can be used in your prototype. In addition to the production methods already mentioned, we also offer the finishing and processing of various materials so that your prototype comes even closer to the product of the final series production. Our experts are also happy to help you optimize your designs and work on your samples with specialist knowledge and many years of experience. This is how you get the perfect prototype that exactly meets your needs and requirements.