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World & politics Rep. Ilhan Omar Slams Bide's' Shameful 'Shameful' Plan to Stop Construction on Trump's Xenophobic and Racist Wall

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© Getty ". Getty Rep. Ilhan Omar criticized President Bidingen for" forwarding the construction of Trump's Xenophobic and Racist Wall. "The BIDEN administration reportedly plans to continue construction on the wall" on a limited basis. "President Bidingen had previously promised not to “build another foot of the wall” during his presidency. See more stories on the Insider's business page.

Rep. Ilhan Omar has criticized President Joe Bidingen for continuing the construction of the "xenophic and racist" southern border wall of Donald Trumps ".

"It is shameful and unacceptable for @Potus to continue building the alien and racist wall in Trump," Omar said on Twitter.

omar: Capitol Security incident would be deadlier if AR-15

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The Homeland Security division is planning to resume some construction along the wall to "fill in gaps" in it, The Washington Times reported this week.

BIDEN had previously pledged not to build "another foot of the wall" during his presidency.

-Ilhan Omar (@ilhanmn) April 7, 2021

The news came home after Home Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas allegedly told colleagues that while the White House was frozen for wall projects, "that leaves room to make decisions as managing as part of managing, particularly areas of the wall, renovation require certain projects to be completed. "

He said "gaps," gates and portions of the wall where the technology had not yet been installed could still be built, The Washington Times reported. The Homeland Security Division failed to respond to the insider's request for comment on Wednesday.

2024 GOP White House Hope Frequency Lead opposition to the Bidgen Cabinet

A slate potency 2024 White House hopes lead the contradiction between Republican senators nominated to President Bide's Cabinet. © Greg Nash Senators Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton of the 21 cabinet nominations approved by the Senate since Jan. 20, GOP Sen. Josh Hawley (MO.) Voted for the President's picks and support from only two: Sales Representatives Katherine Tai and Cecilia Rouse, the Chair

President Bides Froze frose federal funding for construction on his first day in the office and issued a 60-day moratorium instructing officials to find a legal way to raise billions of dollars in funding that had been allotted for the wall a deadline that has existed since then.

When asked if the administration in the wall were planning to have "gaps" in the wall, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday that most construction work had been halted but revealed that some had been allocated for funding.

"Wall construction remains pause to the extent permitted by law," said Psaki. "For example, some have already been funded through a congressional eligibility permit and funding allocation. However, as agencies develop for a plan - it's pause while agencies develop a plan for the president to manage the federal funds. "

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