Which city has the most graffiti

The top 99 cities for graffiti and street art worldwide

By evaluating Instagram photos, a hit list of the 99 “Top Graffiti Cities” was created. New York is the global graffiti hotspot, Berlin ranks fifth and Hamburg ranks 27th.

There is no question that graffiti and street art are part of the cityscape and part of the public space of large cities. A big city without graffiti would simply be inconceivable. But which are the cities in the world that have a lot of graffiti and street art?

The website Bombing science has based on Instagram photos the Top 99 cities for graffiti artdetermined and created a raking. To do this, they compared the number of Instagram photos with the hashtag #graffiti of the different cities that were published on the social media platform this summer. They published the result in a top 99 list.

According to the evaluation, most of the graffiti photos were published in New York. In second place is London, closely followed by Paris and Sao Paulo. A similar number of photos were taken in Berlin, which puts the German capital in fifth place. Hamburg ranks 27th. Surprisingly, the city of Düsseldorf makes it to 11th place and the South African city of Cape Town ranks last.

Images: bombingscience

Even if the number of published Instagram photos can certainly not make an absolute statement about the frequency of graffiti in cities, the raking reflects a tendency in which cities graffiti and street art are more part of the cityscape than in other cities.