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Would you like to encourage your child specifically? Do you think that there is additional potential in your child that can only be revealed through targeted support? Then one-to-one lessons are ideal for your child. The teacher can concentrate optimally on your child and their skills. If your child is taught alone by an experienced teacher, then they will also have the courage to ask detailed questions and thus learn more. But first you should take a look at the offers in the private schools area and then you can get a more precise impression of them.


However, one-to-one tuition is not exclusively suitable for general school lessons. Efficient effects can also be seen with targeted language training. Your child has the advantage that they get the full attention of the teacher. Children sometimes need this in order to be able to develop their personality. One-to-one tuition is also suitable for children with learning difficulties, because these children often also suffer from a feeling of inferiority. During the one-to-one lessons, however, you have no pressure from other, faster students, but have the opportunity to move forward step by step at your own pace with the right support.


Would you like to give your child this opportunity? Find interesting offers and contact addresses on the Swiss education platform www.ausbildung-weiterbildung.ch.

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