What is a full form of DTP


DTP stands for Desktop publishing (English for "publishing from your desk") and is the PC-based set of documents that consist of texts and images.

The term was coined to distinguish it from conventional prepress technologies. This creation of templates for print products (print media), which mostly consisted of several successive work steps using photographic techniques, has been almost completely replaced by digital DTP processes since around 1992.

At dictaJet, DTP is used for all technical documentation. Since we use an editorial system, many format issues are defined in advance using templates. In some cases, you still have to reformat manually after publishing from the database. There are, for example, the following tasks:

  • remove unwanted blank pages
  • Check the correct display and resolution of images
  • Adjust breaks
  • Check hyphenation in tables

The software with which this work is carried out depends on the customer, project and editorial system. Microsoft Word is sufficient for some requirements. In other cases, special DTP programs are used (e.g. Adobe InDesign), which offer significantly more options than simple word processing.

The finished documents are either used in digital format by the respective customer or passed on to a printing company in order to receive a classic print medium.

November 12, 2018