How can I accommodate my dogs

Off on vacation! But where should the pets go?

Every year many pet owners are faced with the famous “vacation question”. Unfortunately, unsightly pictures of abandoned dogs and cats make the rounds every year. There are some good solutions as to where and how your four-legged friends can be looked after during your absence.

The dog just comes along

The best friend wants to be with his person, no matter where he goes, drives or flies. That is why you should be aware of the fact that a dog would rather travel with his family than go on vacation somewhere else before you buy the animal. For vacation planning, this means: choose a dog-friendly hotel, avoid long flights and car journeys, only choose vacation destinations that do not have quarantine residence regulations and: have the animal given all the required vaccinations!

Vacation without your beloved four-legged friend

If the dog cannot come along, it is best to be cared for within its four walls. Animal boarding houses should - in the sense of the four-legged friend - be the last choice. Important for the supervisor: Just bring food and do a lap is usually not enough. The four-legged friend should be "entertained" for a few hours a day. The whole thing is made easier if the dog moves to his supervisor for the duration of the vacation and is integrated into the family there. Getting to know each other and training required!


Cat boarding houses are not recommended, as cats are considered "not socially acceptable" and staying there can be very demanding for everyone involved.

Better to leave cats at home

Cats have their territory and only feel comfortable in their familiar surroundings. Most of them don't really care who distributes the desired pats, opens the food cans and cleans the litter box. So it's easy to give your neighbors and friends this task for a few days if they agree to it. If you have a cat who does not like traveling, the same rules apply as for dogs: the hotel must agree, vaccinations and quarantine regulations must be adhered to. The only question is: does a cat feel at home in someone else's hotel room? Because since the velvet paw is unlikely to come with you to the beach or hiking in the mountains, it will have to spend quite lonely days in the hotel for better or worse ...

Guinea pigs, hamsters & co

As amiable and cuddly as these fur balls are, most of them don't care who looks after them where. The main thing: feed and water come regularly and in abundance and the cage is kept clean. Whether neighbors, friends, relatives or an appropriate animal boarding house - the main thing is that responsible people take care of the little ones.

Pangolins at home alone

Completely different rules apply to aquariums, after all, they are not petting animals that need to be cared for. Expertise and technology are more in demand here. A freshwater aquarium can easily "stay alone" for up to three weeks. Before you leave, you should clean it, carry out the obligatory water change and connect a feeding machine. It throws the intended amount of feed into the basin punctually - as programmed - the filter keeps the water clean, the timer controls the light and the automatically regulated heating guarantees an optimal temperature. Saltwater animals are more sensitive, a competent control look at least every two to three days is mandatory here. It is best to hand over the care to a knowledgeable friend who knows what to do in every situation.

A cage rarely travels

Small birds are best looked after in their familiar environment. Since they are no longer allowed to be held alone, the "address" is not that important either. What is essential, however, is the daily supply of fresh water and sufficient feed.


Warning: Many birds put the empty seed bowls back in the food bowl so that it always looks full. The birdie could starve to death in front of a full bowl!

In contrast to budgerigars and the like, pagrots and similar birds need more intensive care, which is a bit more complicated. They are usually very focused on their people (even if they have to be kept as a couple) and they may insist very loudly on their free flight time. An open-air aviary would be ideal for parrots, where the big ones can also be looked after by other people. Of course there are also pensions for birds of all kinds. Book early enough!