Where can I get business advice


The legal advice of the Chamber of Crafts ranges from labor and social law issues to questions of civil and commercial law to public law, in particular craft and trade law and expert matters.

As a member company, you will receive help and support, regardless of whether it is about founding or managing the company or corporate succession planning.

The member companies receive information and advice, for example, on questions about reporting and contribution obligations for social insurance or on social security for the self-employed and employees. In labor law, questions about the employment contract or individual topics from A for working time regulations to Z for certificate are answered.

The legal advice of the Chamber of Crafts on the broad field of civil and commercial law includes in particular the right choice of company form, commercial law, support in competition law and in rental or work-related matters as well as in copyright law. The Chamber of Crafts mediates in disputes between craft businesses and their clients and provides a mediation process for this purpose.

A quick phone call is often enough to get an overview of the legal situation. The Chamber of Crafts also provides numerous forms, information sheets and samples. In the exclusive member's area, you will receive, for example, sample employment contracts or sample contracts for business practice, e.g. sample contracts for work and services, which provide an important orientation and formulation aid.