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Figure 1: Table cover

Set the table protrude over the entire table surface and extend approx. 25 cm over the edge of the table, while Middle ceilings are smaller and are only placed in the middle of the table. A Table runner is a narrow blanket that leaves the table surface free on two sides.
Table aprons do not cover the table surface, but extend from the edge of the table to the floor. They are often attached to table clamps with a Velcro fastener.
Table covers cover the entire table down to the floor (Figure 1). Under the table top, the fabric can be held together with a tie scarf or ribbon. This can be seen more often at bar tables. Stretch covers cover a table without drapery. It looks like a pair of sheer tights being pulled across a table. Stretch covers are made of mixed fabrics, for example → polyester / → elastane or → polyester and Trevira CS. The Trevira CS makes the fabric flame-retardant. Some table covers are equipped with zippers. These serve as a decorative element or allow easier handling with stretch covers.

Figure 2: Overview of the different forms


Square tablecloths can have two selvedges and two hems or four hems. Round tablecloths often have a surrounding hem. Some tablecloths are serged at the edges with thread (overlock finish).

Materials for tablecloths

Tablecloths can be made of the following materials:

Mixed fabrics (examples)

  • Cotton, → modal and linen,
  • Cotton and linen,
  • Cotton and polyester.


The oilcloth or wax canvas got its name because it originally had a waxy coating. Later cloths made of cotton, linen or jute fabric were covered with a layer of varnish. Varnish is an oily liquid that is applied thinly to the fabric and, when dry, forms a water-insoluble, glossy layer. Today's "oilcloths" often consist of a polyester fabric coated with PVC.

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