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E-Recruitment: Recruiting in the digital era

E-recruitment has become the norm for finding the best candidates, but do you know all the subtleties?

HR managers and headhunters have recognized it: e-recruitment is the best method to find new talent for companies.

For this reason, in this article we explain the challenges and importance of e-recruitment.

Definition of e-recruitment

E-recruitment (or E-recruiting) is defined in recruiting as a series of recruiting processes that take place over the Internet.

☝️ This new form of recruiting includes all phases the recruitment, from the dissemination of the job offer to the receipt of applications to the interviews, which sometimes take place via video conference.

What are the challenges of e-recruitment?

In order to get the maximum benefit from this new way of working, the HR functions must adapt to the new challenges:

  • Mastering digital channels: The digital transformation and the integration of digital tools into all processes are prerequisites for online recruitment.
  • Be visible on the internet: In order to attract the best talent and differentiate yourself from other companies, a high level of visibility on the Internet through various channels is required.
    Don't forget that the candidate is browsing your company website and social media channels.
  • Employer branding or employer brand: As the balance of power has changed in some sectors, companies need to know how to "sell" themselves. The company needs to send positive signals that reflect its values ​​in order to attract the right profiles.

E-recruiting: advantages

  • Greater reach of your job vacancies: What if the suitable candidate was abroad? You can reach more people thanks to online recruiting.
  • Better targeting: Depending on which recruitment channel is used (e.g. an online job exchange specialized in industries), you increase your chances of reaching the perfect candidate.
  • Quick and easy updating of offers: At the time of job advertisements in the newspaper, this was impossible.
  • Inexpensive solution: Many platforms, such as Stepstone, Monster or XING, are free for recruiters.
  • Proactive recruiting: Online resume libraries offer direct access to a pool of applicants.
  • mobility: A simple internet connection is sufficient to access the applications or to communicate with the applicants.
  • Accelerating the recruiting process: Immediate dissemination of your offers, rapid receipt of applications, video interviews ... save time and react faster to emergency situations.

E-recruiting: disadvantages

  • More information to edit: The more extensively you publish your job offers, the more applications you will receive ... that have to be processed.
  • Risk of less qualified applications: Since it is easier for candidates to respond to job offers, they apply en masse.
  • Physical distance: While video interviews are useful in some cases, they do not provide the same assessment options as a physical interview.

E-recruitment channels

There are numerous on the Internet E-recruiting channels to disposal:

Online job boards

Job boards list vacancies and facilitate connections between recruiters and candidates.

They offer many advantages:

  • simple publication and Update of job advertisements,
  • Targeting,
  • Access to Resume libraries, etc.

Between general and specialized websites (by sector, by skill level, etc.), you can choose the one that best suits the profiles you are looking for.

Social media

Social media like LinkedIn or XING are also good channels for spreading your message and working on your employer brand at the same time.

The company's website

Profiles that are directly Apply on your website, show a real interest in your company, your values ​​and your projects.

That is why this channel is preferable because it is yours qualified applications secures.

E-recruiting software

Online recruiting requires quick response and presence. Professional software can make this work easier for you!


Softgarden is an all-in-one solution for applicant management. These Cloud based Software helps you throughout your procurement process, from creating job vacancies to hiring talent.

Plus point: The Recruiting app for mobile devices is specially designed for specialists and executives, and thus helps to evaluate candidates from anywhere and to negotiate with you live.


Talentsoft is one Cloud based Solution for recruiting and covers all strategic areas of recruitment, such as training, competence, performance and remuneration management.

Plus point: Talentsoft makes it possible Scoring, i.e. assign a score to your potential recruits. This is how the candidates with the best results are selected.


Bullhorn is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that facilitates the entire applicant management process. The software is about the Cloud available everywhere and thanks to integrated modules such as the “fast find” search bar, Boolean algebra, keyword search, etc., you can find qualified candidates in a short time.

Plus point: You can easily contact your talents via email as the software works well with them Gmail and Outlook integrated.

E-recruitment, and after that?

Ultimately, online recruitment implies a qualified presence and ability to react on all fronts. Developing your employer brand, disseminating your vacancies, managing the entire recruitment process, matching skills, optimizing the candidate's experience, etc.

Fortunately, there is special software to help you with this work!

But be careful, as a HR manager your job doesn't stop there: Finding the perfect talent is good; keeping it is better!