What black technology does the iPhone6 ​​have

The black point is above the iPhone display for this

By Philippe Fischer | July 11, 2018, 11:31 a.m.

Everyone can see them, but not all of them know their functions: many smartphones, such as the iPhone, have other “dots” built into the front next to the camera. But what do they actually stand for?

Iris scanner, camera, microphone, loudspeaker - modern smartphones have all kinds of practical technology built into the display. Using the example of a white iPhone, TECHBOOK explains what is behind the black dots.

The function of the smartphone in detail

The black point above the upper speaker is the proximity sensor. This ensures that you do not accidentally trigger a touch command on your ear when making a call. As soon as you approach the sensor during a call, the iPhone display switches off.

Brightness sensor almost invisible on the white iPhone

In addition to the proximity sensor, there is another sensor that scans the surroundings and thus helps the display to set the correct brightness. In strong sunlight, the screen is automatically brighter than when walking at night. With white iPhones, the brightness sensor is barely recognizable - with black iPhones, however, the sensor is easier to see.

Black hole on the back

A small, black hole on the back of many smartphones is also exciting. TECHBOOK once explained the meaning of the point next to the camera. You can also read numerous iPhone guides on our website - for example, how to create additional storage space or how to access a secret map on which Apple stores all the places you visit.

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