Is it harmful to drink mojito every day?

Alcohol: Drink alcohol healthily

The French drink wine anytime, anywhere, and that's supposed to be healthy. One says. Monks brew beer, Russian vodka means nothing in German but "little water" and Hemingway lived almost exclusively on absinthe. But what is true about the myth of alcohol as medicine? The best tips for a smug evening and especially a good morning afterwards can be found in our photo show.

The myth of alcohol as the water of life has long haunted the media. But a 40-year long-term study from Holland has now proven: Yes, moderate alcohol consumption actually extends life. For this purpose, Dutch scientists observed the drinking habits of almost 1,400 men and found that consuming one or two glasses of alcohol a day not only protects against cardiovascular diseases, but can also extend life by a few years.

The daily dose of alcohol, which from a purely statistical point of view offers the most advantages, is two glasses of wine or one liter of beer for men. But who would have thought it: The front runner in terms of life extension is not beer, but wine. The study found that wine lovers live an average of two years longer than beer and schnapps drinkers and even 3.8 years longer than abstainers. >>

But were the clever monks so wrong with their healing art of brewing beer?
Not only since Harald Schmidt proclaimed "a beer is a bread", we have known that beer can really fill you up.

Monks also liked to raise their jugs of strong beer during Lent to satisfy their hunger. Because "what is liquid does not break a fast". But the hop drink was also very popular as a remedy. Hildegard von Bingen and the doctor Philippus von Hohenheim (1493-1541), known as Paracelsus, recommended beer as a remedy for melancholy and ailments such as heart problems, sore throats, earaches, stomach ailments and gout.

But drink in moderation

Out of sheer health awareness, however, you shouldn't start running like there's no tomorrow. As with eating, it is also important to strike in moderation when drinking. The diet tip with the small plate also works with beer and cocktails.

Grab a small glass and enjoy your drink in peace. Above all, you should never drink on an empty stomach, as this allows the alcohol to attack your stomach lining directly. The best protection would now be a bottle of oil, but it would be reflected unpleasantly the next time you go to the scales and also tastes extremely disgusting.

The French swear by cheese because the fat it contains protects the stomach walls. But too much of a good thing quickly turns into the opposite, because the liver has to decide: use fat or alcohol and the alcohol always wins and where the fat ends up, you know for sure. So don't overdo it with the food or the alcohol and just have a nice evening.

Vitamin cocktail and a kick of freshness Are you more of a sweet tooth and like to drink cocktails and long drinks? If you want to serve sweet cocktails at your party, then choose high-quality juices made from 100 percent fruit, preferably freshly squeezed. Not only does it taste better, the antioxidants and vitamins it contains also protect the cells. Fresh herbs such as mint are not just something for the eye, they also provide you with a real kick of freshness. By the way: The ladies present will be delighted and will stand in line for you. Drinkable mess

Even if all the cocktails are delicious and have promising exotic names, what you should never do is drink up and down the menu. That is only supposed to mean: Don't drink too much mixed up, rather stick to a basic alcohol. That saves you the skull the morning after. With a simple vodka-lemon, a classic screw driver and a hip Moscow Mule, you shouldn't be bored at the bar and your head will be happy, because all of them are mixed with vodka.

Cheap booze You may have outgrown this age long ago, but you should still want to buy the cheap booze from yesteryear in front of the fuel shelf out of sheer nostalgia: Hands off! Fusel alcohols such as methanol put unnecessary stress on your body and headaches and the like are safe for you the next day. White alcohol types such as gin and vodka contain the least amount of methanol. In the latter, there are some pure varieties that are almost free of any headache-causing additives. Drink drink and drink again What you should never forget next to all drinking is drinking, namely water! Because alcohol removes important moisture from the body. So it is best to always drink a second of water with each glass. So your body can process alcohol much better, your cells are immediately replenished and you can enjoy the fun evening and the lady next to you much longer. The best tips for a smug evening

and especially a good morning after, see our photo show.

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