Should I buy a Gunsafe

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Test model: GUNSAFE 0-4

Original name: Capriolo

Certificate: Resistance grade 0 according to EN 1143-1, ECB.S


Manufacturer / distributor: TRISTAR for Format Tresorbau

Country of Manufacture: China

Gross sales price for collection: EUR 399.00

Gross price per gun parking space: EUR 99.75



Technical specifications:

Height outside / inside mm13201240
Width outside / inside mm310221
Depth outside / inside375260
Gun holder number4 
Number of shelves1 
Cleaning rods number of holders0 
Key hook number0 
Volume in liters / weight in kg71 L










Packaging / transport protection: 6 points

One-way pallet, not accessible: 1 point

other full-surface foiling: 2 points

Handle protection made of styrofoam or foam: 3 points


Lock / door opening: 8 points

Standard double-bit lock from a German brand manufacturer: 3 points

Key length over 100mm: 1 point

Door handle, one-armed, metal: 4 points


Attachment options: 5 points

Back wall, one anchor point: 2 points

Ground, one anchor point: 2 points

Supplied fastening material: 1 point


Door security: 19 points

Locking bolt secured with SL clips: 1 point

Bolt guides in the sleeve: 3 points

Lock rod guides available: 3 points

Lock bar stops available: 3 points

Self-made bolt center with self-clinching rivets: 2 points

Hinge lock, rigid bolts: 1 point

Puncture protection for lock, passive with locking pin: 3 points

Additional puncture protection for lock bolts: 3 points



Point deductions: - 0 points


Hinges: 4 points


Door cannot be removed: 0 points

no abrasion protection: 0 points

Hinge not height adjustable: 1 point

Door opening> 180 °: 3 points


Gun holder: 7 points

Gun holder made of hard foam: 2 points

Gun holder not height adjustable: 1 point

Arms holder not adjustable in width: 1 point

Floor mat available as shaft protection: 3 points


Accessories: 3 points

without cleaning rod holder: 0 points

no storage box: 0 points

no key hooks: 0 points

Height-adjustable shelf: 3 points

Partition / shelf not available: 0 points


Other evaluation criteria: 3 points

clean paintwork: 3 points


Overall result: 55/100 points



The GunSafe 0-4 still achieves above-average test results for the practical storage of weapons. The real price gap to the test winner is relatively small, but when it comes to the price per gun slot, the GunSafe has to admit defeat.