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Strange transparent creatures have washed up on the coasts of Menorca, a neighboring island of Mallorca, in the past few days. What are you?

  • On a neighboring island of Mallorca * there were numerous transparent living beings washed up.
  • Although they resemble jellyfish, they are not related to each other.
  • An animal welfare organization provides information about marine animals.

At first glance, it doesn't even look like a living being - it just looks like one slimy mass. In fact, the transparent "structures" that were washed up on the coasts of Menorca in the past few days are marine animals. According to Mallorca Magazin, the creatures are said to have been sighted in bays in particular.

See-through marine animals washed up on the beaches of Menorca: what's behind it?

The experts from the animal welfare organization GOB Menorca drew attention to the findings in a Facebook post in order to educate holidaymakers and locals about the marine animals. They are not jellyfish - which can cause burning pain and reddening of the skin with their secretions and are therefore feared among beach visitors - but rather harmless Salps. They are distinguished by one Gall-like, semi-transparent body out. Because of their DNA structure, marine animals are even more similar to humans, it is said.

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Strange sea creatures on the coasts of Mencorca: that's behind the salps

Salps are free-swimming marine animals that can live both individually and in larger colonies. They feed mainly on plankton organisms and are, according to GOB Menorca very sensitive and not aggressive. That is why the organization demands of bathers not to touch the transparent animals and especially not to take them out of the water. But there is nothing against observing the animals from a distance.

Protection from the blazing sun

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The salps are not only a strange sight, they also do an excellent job in terms of environmental protection: “Salps play one important role in combating climate change, because they absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide and expel it in the form of tiny balls of feces ”, say the experts from GOB Menorca. According to this, an average colony of salps can eliminate up to 4,000 tons of coal in one night. * Merkur.de is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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