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PS4 - Why does it take so long to copy updates?

Installing updates can take a long time on PS4 and there is a reason for that too.

Updates have long been part of everyday gaming life. The downloads can be quite annoying, especially with a slow internet connection. However, there is another phenomenon on the PS4: once downloaded, the Patch is still copied and that can take a long time. Here you can find out why this is the case and whether you can do something about it (Spoiler: No).

The download of a huge patch is over and you are ready to start your game - finally! But anyone who plays on a PS4 will have noticed that the wait is far from over. Now the files are first copied and that may take longer than the download itself.

Why does copying take so long?

This is because of how the PS4 installs your updates. When a new patch appears, you download only download the files that are new or be changed. This saves you from having to download the entire game with every update.

Now, of course, the content still has to come into play and this is exactly the catch. At this point, the console not only copies the few patch files. Instead, a new copy of all (!) files of the corresponding game and the new content will be added. Then the old files of the game will be overwritten with the new, updated files.

The bigger the corresponding game is on your hard drive, the more time this process takes.

Since a memory consumption of 50 gigabytes or more is no longer a rarity, it can unfortunately take a long time. After all, the entire title is moved.

Can I do something about it?

This procedure was introduced with the Systemware update to version 5.0. So if you feel like it used to be faster, then you are absolutely right. But of course Sony didn't introduce this process to annoy you. Even if patching takes this longer, it is significantly less error-prone. In the end, you also get something out of it, because in retrospect there are fewer problems with updating.

The bad news, however, is that there is really nothing you can do to reduce the waiting time, as it depends on the storage media and processor of the console.

However, you could use your internal Replace the hard disk with a faster SSD. It works relatively easily, but you have to decide for yourself whether it is worth the financial and time investment.

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