What is service orchestration

Multi-cloud orchestration

Fujitsu orchestration management solutions

Service orchestration

Offer a seamless, high-quality service across separate platforms. Increase the speed, control, and value of your bimodal environment.

Supplier orchestration

The management of a complex multivendor environment is taken over for you. Benefit from the autonomy that multi-cloud offers and at the same time minimize the risk of shadow IT.

Security orchestration

Security and compliance are guaranteed across all platforms. Quickly monitor, discover and stop all cyber attacks that threaten the security of your multi-cloud inventory.

Process orchestration

Your digital supply chain delivered as a service. We help you connect your processes with the people, systems and data necessary to drive innovation and automation of services.

Technical orchestration

Combine the public and private cloud, SaaS and traditional IT to optimize security, speed, scalability and costs.

Policy orchestration

Helps you maintain governance control with privacy policy management, industry legislation, geo-specific standards, and more.