What are the best Beyond Meat alternatives

Veggie burgerSees out how flesh and tastes good hopefully also so

We have left the really tough times of celery schnitzel and vegetable patties behind us, says Deutschlandfunk-Nova reporter Christian Schmitt. If you are looking for a meat substitute for your burger, you will find it. He makes a commitment: there are alternatives and they are good.

Our reporter Christian Schmitt thinks the Beyond Meat Burger is really a meat alternative that should be taken seriously. It is made in the laboratory - mainly from proteins taken from peas. Based on this, a burger was created that comes very close to a real hack burger, says Christian. And it was sold out in no time in the supermarkets.

In search of the perfect, meatless burger patty, our reporter Christian Schmitt bought various products in different supermarkets. He tested a total of seven vegetarian alternatives to the conventional meat patty. All are round and have a different color depending on the ingredients - from mustard yellow to pink to brick red to brown. In order to get a second opinion for the final evaluation, Christian Schmitt tries the various vegetarian patties together with presenter Steffi Orbach.

"Meat substitute patties have been around for a long time: It all started with those sad celery schnitzel. These patties are even worse - randomly jumbled together from any vegetable and then fried."
Christian Schmitt, Deutschlandfunk Nova

The most important test criterion: the taste

For Christian Schmitt, the burger patty doesn't necessarily have to have the classic brownish color of a meat patty after searing. For our reporter, it is much more important that the taste is right. Some vegetarian patties look close to the meat variant - brownish on the outside, pale pink on the inside - but they taste strange, says Christian.

Wide range of ingredients for patties

Pea proteins, milk, sweet potatoes or soy - food manufacturers try out a wide variety of ingredients to get the taste of a beef burger as close as possible with the meatless patty.

"Anyone who wanted to put something on the burger bun had to go through tough times. This still applies to many products from the health food store, by the way. There are now alternatives to meat and they are good."
Christian Schmitt, Deutschlandfunk Nova

The ranking: Christian's top 3 veggie burgers

  • 1st place: The next-level burger from Lidl, made from mushrooms, juicy, is reminiscent of a burger made from beef
  • Place 2: The Wonderburger from Aldi, made from soy protein, the cheapest of the tested, two pieces cost 2.49 euros, a little too spicy, believes Christian.
  • Place 3: The Valess burger, from the Campina dairy, is 73 percent milk

Christian's conclusion:

Both the next-level burger and the wonderburger behave very well on the grill, says our reporter Christian Schmitt. They become crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside. The texture, in his opinion, is very close to meat. The patties he sees in the first two places both have the typical smoky meat taste that makes a burger, says Christian. Our reporter thinks the Wonder Burger is too colored and a little too spicy. He thinks the Lidl burger is a bit more subtle and therefore chooses it in first place. Christian says that ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, onions, cheese and gherkins are placed between the bun halves along with the patty. That's why our reporter thinks that the patty could be seasoned a little more subtle so as not to overload the burger in terms of taste.

"Both in terms of the bright red color and the taste of the Wonder Burger, you probably thought: a lot helps a lot. The Lidl burger is a bit more subtle."
Christian Schmitt tests vegetarian burger patties