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The French car manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroën Group, which gave the world its first name with its first mass-produced front-wheel drive, began production of its Citroën range of vehicles in 1919. Finding Citroën classic vehicles is a lot easier when you know what to look for and look.

Part 1 of 6: Calculate your budget

Before you start researching and finding your classic luxury car, it is important to calculate your budget so that you know exactly what type of classic car you can afford. Doing the financial part first will save you time and energy and prevent you from finding a car that you only can find if it's outside your price range. This is also an important step in making sure that you are not straining yourself financially, even as you qualify for larger payments.

Image: Carmax

Step 1: calculate your monthly payments. You can find a variety of websites online that offer calculators to find out how much your car payments will be, including trade-in value and annual interest rate. Websites to use include:

  • CarMax

Use the total amount of taxes, titles, tags, and fees when calculating your monthly payments to get an accurate amount. CarMax has a useful calculator for finding out how much these fees will cost you.

Part 2 of 6: Search online

The easiest way to find a Citroen is to do it online. Buying a classic car follows the same procedure as buying any other used vehicle. You need to compare the price at fair market value, take a test drive and have a mechanic examine you.

Image: eBay Motors

Step 1: check online. You have a couple of options when it comes to finding Citroens online.

The first is eBay Motors. There are a few listings on the eBay Motors website, while eBay Motors UK has many more listings. Another good site to find classic Citroens for sale is Hemmings.

Image: Hagerty

Step 2: Compare the fair market value. Once you find some classic Citroen that interests you, it is time to determine how much they are worth. offers a wide variety of vehicle descriptions, including price suggestions based on vehicle condition. The website organizes the list further by vehicle model, year and equipment level.

Step 3: consider additional factors. There are a few other factors that can affect the total cost of a classic Citroen.

Some of the other factors to keep in mind are:

  • inch: Car enthusiasts looking to import a Citroen from overseas into the US will face taxes or import fees. You should also keep in mind that no Citroen under the age of 25 can be imported into the USA.

  • insurance: If you want to drive your classic Citroen on roads in the US, you need to get insurance and register the vehicle.

  • Inspections: You also need to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy in your condition. Depending on the state, as detailed on, you may need to tune your vehicle to the speed of the emissions before you can drive it.

  • License plate: If you decide not to save it, you will need to register the Citroen and get a license plate for it.

  • shipping: The main problem with buying a classic Citroen is shipping. You can find the vehicle in the USA, but you can also have it delivered from Europe. If so, shipping to the States can get quite expensive.

  • warehouse: Once you have received the Citroen that you bought, you will have to decide if you want to save it. There will be fees related to storage facilities.

  • Test drive: If you want to take a test drive, you will need to hire a professional inspector to do it for you - especially if you are planning to buy the Citroen from a foreign seller. When buying from a seller in the United States, have a trusted mechanic take you over the Citroen during a test drive to make sure everything is working properly.

Image: Movement Trend

Step 4: read the reviews. Read as many reviews as you can about the specific cars on your list.

  • Edmunds started out as a book in the 1960s and is rated by JD Powers as the best third-party automotive website
  • AutoTrader attracts over 14 million users each month and has helpful calculators to help you with the review and purchase process
  • Known for its depth and rigor, Car and Driver offers critical reviews of cars
  • The Car Connection provides a score for every car it reviews and provides an easy-to-read list of likes and dislikes
  • Consumer Reports has published reviews and comparisons of products for 80 years - they don't accept advertising and have no shareholders, so you can be sure that the reviews are impartial. * MotorTrend was first published in September 1949 and has a monthly circulation of over one million readers

Part 3 of 6: Find a dealer with your selected classic car

Image: Citroen Classic USA

Step 1: Check Your Local Dealer. Once you've selected the luxury vehicle that you want to buy, check your local dealerships.

If the vehicle is available from a local dealer, you will get it faster and you will not have to pay a shipping fee.

Call your local dealers, check their ads in the newspaper, or visit them. Many luxury retailers also have all of their inventory available on their website.

  • top: If you can find your vehicle locally, take it for a test drive before buying it.

Step 2: check out other dealers. Even if the car you want is at one of your local dealers, you should still check out some dealers outside of town.

By doing a thorough search, you can find the vehicle at a much better price or with the options or color schemes you prefer.

  • top: If you find the luxury vehicle you want but it's out of town, you can still take it for a test drive. During this process, you can find out what features you want for your car.

Part 4 of 6: Negotiate with the seller and buy the car

Once you've decided how much the Citroen is worth and what you want to spend on it, it's time to reach out to the seller with your offer. If you have been able to take a test drive and have the Citroen checked by a trusted mechanic, then any information about the condition of the car can be used in your negotiations.

Step 1: Find a Lender. Compare rates and terms with multiple lenders and choose the one that offers the best option.

  • top: It is a good idea to know what your credit score is before speaking to a lender. Your credit score will help determine what type of annual interest rate, also known as the interest rate, you will qualify for.

Good credit means you will get a lower overall rate and will be able to pay less money over the life of the loan.

You can check your balance online for free with Credit Karma.

Step 2: apply for a loan. Apply for a loan and get approval. How to find out what price range you can see for new vehicles.

Step 3: Know your trade-in value. If you have another car to trade with, do some research on the value of your trade-in. Add this amount to your approved loan amount to see how much you can spend on a new car.

You can find out how much your car is worth on the Kelley Blue Book page.

Step 4: negotiate the price. Start negotiations with the seller by contacting them by email or phone.

Make an offer that you are satisfied with. It's a good idea to offer a little below what you think the vehicle is worth.

The seller could then make a counter offer. If that amount is within the price range you want to pay then take it unless you think you can bargain further.

Remember that the mechanic found the vehicle wrong and remind the seller that you must have it repaired at your own expense.

In the end, if the seller refuses to give you a price you are happy with, say thank you and move on.

Part 5 of 6: Make a Domestic Purchase

Once you and the seller have agreed on a price, it's time to buy your classic Citroen. Before the car is legal and ready to drive, there are several things that need to be done.

Step 1: take precautions. Most of the time, sellers have a preferred payment method. This is usually stated in the vehicle list.

Step 2: Sign the paperwork. Sign all the necessary papers.

This includes the title and the sales contract.

When you take possession of the classic car, you will also have to pay taxes and other fees such as registration.

Step 3: align your insurance. Call your insurance company to add your new car to your current policy.

You will also need to buy CAP insurance to cover you until your vehicle is covered. This is usually offered by the retailer for a small fee.

The dealership should also bring you some temporary markings until you can register your vehicle and put it on a license plate.

Image: DMV

Step 4: Register your vehicle. Register the car and pay sales tax to the State Motor Vehicle Office.

Part 6 of 6: Complete an Overseas Purchase

After you and the seller have agreed on a mutually satisfactory price, you need to find a way to pay for the vehicle, make shipping arrangements, and fill out the necessary papers. Keep in mind that you may need to use a link if you are purchasing the vehicle from a foreign source.

Step 1: arrange for shipping. Once you are sure the vehicle is yours, contact a company that specializes in shipping vehicles overseas.

There are two ways to do this: contact a company in the United States that ships items overseas, or contact a freight forwarder near the shipping location of the vehicle you want to ship.

Image: PDF filler

Step 2: fill out the paperwork. In addition to the title and the sales contract, you need to fill in the relevant papers for the import of the Citroen.

The shipping company, the vehicle manufacturer or your local DMV can help you fill out the required documents.

You must also pay any customs or import fees prior to placing the car in any US port.

Step 3: make sure the vehicle complies with US standards: Every vehicle entering the United States must meet applicable emissions, impact, and safety standards.

You need to hire a certified Registered Importer to bring the Citroen into compliance.

Step 4: take precautions. Arrange payment to the seller using their preferred payment method.

Remember to take currency exchange rates into account when paying.

If you plan to travel to the seller to pay in person, give yourself plenty of time. Funds that are transferred internationally take longer to clear the banking system than in the US.

  • warning: Beware of car importers who require payment through Western Union or other money distribution services as this is most likely a scam to steal your money. Work with your bank who can provide instructions on how to safely get your money to a foreign source.

While buying a classic Citroën seems like a lot of work at first, especially if you're buying from an overseas seller, you can make the whole process easier by following the steps above. Make sure to research every vehicle you are interested in and make sure you understand the import process when buying overseas. If you are buying your vehicle in the United States, you should have a pre-purchase inspection by one of our skilled mechanics at Vermin-Club prior to purchase.

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