How can we get an MBBS degree

Bachelor's degree in Medical Science

The Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences offers an interdisciplinary study program based on the Bologna model in the field of medicine: The Bachelor's degree in Medical Science gives students access to new, innovative professional fields in health sciences and provides the basis for medical training represent.

By integrating the fields of human medicine, medical technology and health economics, medical experts are trained with a future-oriented quality profile: They are able to perceive and solve health science problems. You will find your way around a networked environment of the entire public health area and can adequately communicate and act on problems.

Thanks to structured, networked teaching of professional skills and interdisciplinary knowledge, the graduates have interdisciplinary communication, action and solution skills in medical, medical-technical and health-economic issues. The completion of the bachelor's degree in Medical Science is the prerequisite for the integrative Master's degree in human medicine However, it does not replace the study of human medicine.

Course structure

The lessons take place in modules in all semesters. These are structured in terms of time and content so that they meet the requirements of interdisciplinarity. In the 1st and 2nd year of study, knowledge and understanding are conveyed on several levels (basic knowledge, context of meaning, skills and scientific foundation) as part of the modules. In order to introduce students to the master's degree in human medicine and clinical-practical training, a year of specialization with the main focus on medical content takes place in the third year of study. This year of specialization is prepared with an internship propaedeutic and a hospital internship or an extended professional field exploration in the 4th semester.


The students complete the bachelor's degree in Medical Science with a final examination and the writing of a bachelor thesis. This can form the basis for the study exposé and the subsequent master's thesis.

The bachelor thesis serves to develop and prove theoretical and methodological skills in health science work. Methodologically correct and systematic preparation of a scientific paper as well as the scientifically correct presentation of the results (oral and written) must be proven. The structure should already correspond to a scientific work.