Perfection is people's main purpose

"Recognize your own compulsive personality: perfectionism"

Before attempting to identify other people's personality types, it is at least as important, if not more important, to first understand yourself and to recognize and accept your own personality, including personality disorders.

A fairly common personality disorder that is often simply dismissed as a character trait is the compulsive personality, which is characterized by concern for order, perfection and control. Essential characteristics of a compulsive personality are stubbornness, a sense of order and cleanliness, symmetry, classification, a tendency to check something, the tendency to accumulate everything and not throw away anything, which can lead to the cleanliness and order that it is looking for , is never achieved and she is overwhelmed by it.

If you are a match for any of the following characters, the chances are high that you are an obsessive personality:

 You always want one hundred percent perfection. What is not 100% perfect is a total mistake and is not good enough.
 You are so concerned about details, planning and organization that you lose sight of the main purpose of what you wanted
 You have very high self-imposed moral boundaries and expectations of yourself
 You show a certain coldness in the relationship. You have trouble showing your emotions
 You rarely show your enthusiasm because you see the risks first
 You are very formal, rational
 You hardly part with objects, even if they are worn out or broken.
 You have compulsive smartphone use. You can't do without your cell phone.

Dantse Dantse from: “Look through your counterpart: I know what you want, what you think, what you feel and what you plan to do before you open your mouth! Detect manipulation by third parties "

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