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Pokémon Legends - Arceus: This is known from the open world RPG

The newly announced Switch title of the "Pokémon" franchise is breaking new ground in terms of gameplay and story.

The video game series "Pokémon" is still very popular: the first editions alone (Pokémon yellow, blue, green and red) sold over 47 million times, according to an article by "TitleMax" author Carly Hallman. A proud sum that has secured the game classics a firm place in the list of the most successful video games to this day. The latest offshoot "Pokémon Sword and Shield" was able to build on these successes: A financial report from Nintendo shows that the Switch game sold 2.98 million times between April and the end of December 2020. A very successful debut on the Nintendo Switch. But the fans are already waiting for a new title, which Nintendo finally presented on February 26, 2021 in a livestream for the 25th "Pokémon" anniversary. It goes by the name of "Pokémon Legends - Arceus" and is supposed to seriously develop the franchise.

Pokémon Legends - Arceus: The Plot

In "Pokémon Legends - Arceus", gamers end up in the Sinnoh region, which experienced players are already familiar with from "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl". However, the story begins a long time ago, when the concepts of the Pokémon Trainer and the Pokémon League did not yet exist. Poké balls that can be used to catch the capsule monsters already exist - but they are made of wood. At the beginning of the adventure, the female or male protagonist is given the task of creating and completing the first Pokédex (an encyclopedic lexicon for Pokémon) for the Sinnoh region. So you go on a research trip.

The Sinnoh region is freely accessible and has a diverse flora and fauna.

Well-known starter Pokémon

Pokémon veterans may have noticed in the trailer that the starter Pokémon are not new capsule monsters: Bauz, Feurigel and Ottaro come from editions that have already been published. However, this does not show the laziness of the developers, but is woven into the story. At the beginning of the game, the player receives his first Pokémon from a professor who met the creatures on his research trips through different regions and took them with him. Here is an overview of the starter Pokémon:
  • Bauz: A leaf-wing Pokémon from the Alola region (known from "Pokémon Sun and Moon").
  • Fiery Hedgehog: A fire mouse Pokémon from the Johto region (known from "Pokémon Gold and Silver").
  • Ottaro: An Otter Pokémon from the Einall region (known from "Pokémon Black and White").

The starter Pokémon Feurigel, Bauz and Ottaro (from left to right).

Pokémon Legends - Arceus: Fresh Gameplay

In "Pokémon Legends - Arceus", the developers screwed up the game principle. The arena battles are eliminated - studying Pokémon is on the agenda. Capsule monsters can now also be caught in the open world - a fight is not necessary. Of course, players still have the option of competing with their Pokémon team against other creatures. So it is up to the gamers whether they approach cautiously or run blindly. In addition, the open world should offer more freedom than in the previous parts.

Pokémon Legends - Arceus: Release in early 2022

In the live stream, the viewers were also served a publication period. "Pokémon Legends - Arceus" will be released for the Nintendo Switch in early 2022. Until then, fans can pass the time with the "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl" remakes, which are due to appear in 2021. So you immerse yourself in the Sinnoh region and are well equipped for "Pokémon Legends - Arceus".

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