How will you find beauty in ugliness

Do you still look in the mirror to confirm your beauty?

We all know what the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” means, that you don't have to find what I find beautiful, that our perception of beauty is subjective. What is beauty? Is outer beauty just razor-thin, or does it reflect what is inside? And how can meditation support our own inner beauty?

“The external beauty has a different source than the internal. You got the external beauty from your father and mother, their bodies created your body. But the inner beauty arises from the growth of your own awareness, which you have carried in you from many lives.

In your individuality both are united, the physical inheritance of father and mother and the spiritual inheritance of your own life, their awareness, their bliss, their joy. "

Osho, Sat Chit Anand, Talk # 27

What is it that makes us say this is beautiful and that is not?

“What is the criterion for beauty? What yardstick do we use to measure the beauty of a flower? That is a difficult question. Deep in your question lies the reason we call a flower beautiful - and that's because you think about it that way. But is your taste a measure of beauty? What does it mean when we call something ugly? The reason is that you think about it that way. But is your displeasure a law of nature? That something is ugly because you don't like it? What does it mean that you like or dislike something? It says something about you and nothing about the flower, when I stand next to the flower I can feel my own favor or displeasure. The flower remains the same whether someone calls it beautiful or ugly. Or whether no comment is made, the flower remains the flower. Let a thousand people leave a thousand comments, the flower always stays the same. "

Osho, The Way of Tao, Vol. 1, talk # 5

Can inner beauty affect people's appearance?

It is not absolutely necessary that the outside is a reflection of the inside, nor does the opposite need to be true that the inside corresponds to the outside.

But it sometimes happens that your inner beauty is so powerful, your inner light is so powerful that it is reflected in your outer body. Your outer body may not be beautiful, but the light that comes from your inner source, your inner source of eternal life, can make even a body that is not beautiful in the traditional sense appear beautiful, as shining. "

Osho, Sat Chit Anand, Talk # 27

Sometimes it's not so nice to be around good-looking people.

“But the opposite is never true. Your outer beauty is only very thin, it cannot influence your inner beauty. On the contrary, the outer beauty prevents the search for the inner: you are identified with the outer. Who goes in search of the inner source? Very often the people who are beautiful on the outside are ugly on the inside. The outer beauty becomes a shield to hide behind, and this is done by thousands of people every day. You fall in love with a woman or a man because you only see the outside. And in just a few days you will discover its inner state and realize that it does not match its external beauty, that, on the contrary, it is very ugly. "

Osho, Sat Chit Anand, Talk # 27

Are we relying too much on what we see and not enough on other senses?

“In the first sentence of his Metaphysics, Aristotle says that seeing is the highest human sense. It is not. In fact, vision has become too dominant. It has monopolized the whole self and destroyed all other senses. His teacher - Aristotle ‘teacher Plato - said that the senses are arranged hierarchically: seeing is above, feeling is at the bottom. He is completely wrong with that, there is no hierarchical order.

All senses are on one level and there should be no hierarchy. You live through your eyes, eighty percent of your life is eye-oriented. That shouldn't be the case and a balance has to be found. You should touch, because the sense of touch has something that the eyes cannot give you. And try it: Touch the woman you love or the man you love in the light and then in the dark. In the darkness the body reveals itself, in the light it hides itself. "

Osho, Come Follow To You, Vol. 1, Talk # 1

I often judge whether someone or something is beautiful or not. ...

“If we understand it well, we know that all judgments say something about the person who makes them. Take, for example, this judgment: 'This flower is beautiful.' What I am really trying to say is that I am a person who thinks this flower is beautiful. So it is not absolutely necessary that I still find this flower beautiful in the evening. In the evening it may seem ugly to me. Then I have to say, 'Now I've become someone who finds this flower ugly.' Are these feelings of beauty or ugliness subjective or objective? Are they our own intrinsic feelings or the actual shape of the object? They are our own feelings and reflections. "

Osho, The Way of Tao, Vol. 1, talk # 5

What can I do to change this habit?

“It is not decent to put your own mental images over the flower. Who are you to do this What right do you have None at all. But each of us does that. One day stand by the flower. Stand still and calm. Notice your old habit of judging things. Hold your judgment - the flower on one side, you on the other - do not allow any judgment about the beauty or ugliness of the flower. "

Osho, The Way of Tao, Vol. 1, talk # 5

And meditation will aid my understanding. ...

“As you become more and more meditative, more peaceful, you find a deep alignment with existence. You fall in tune with the rhythm of the universe. The universe has its own heartbeat. When your heartbeat tunes into the rhythm of the universal heartbeat, your being is transformed from an ugly animal state to authentic humanity.

And even the human is not the end. You can always keep searching, there is a place where you transcend the human and something divine invades you. Once the divine is there, it is almost like the light in a dark house. In the windows you can see the light, even through the cracks in the wall or the roof or the doors you can see the inner light.

The inside is immensely strong, the outside is very weak. The inside is eternal, the outside is very limited in time. How many years can you stay young And when youth is slowly over, you get the feeling that you are ugly if your inner being doesn't grow with your age. Then even in old age you will have a beauty that the youth may be jealous of. "

Osho, Sat Chit Anand, Talk # 27