Working bolt finders through wood

How to mount a television in an old drywall or plaster wall [duplicate]

If any type of drywall anchor fails I immediately switch to Toggle screws . The downside is that if they tear out too, they will peel off large chunks of the plaster of paris. Finding the studs is always better.

To find a bolt without a bolt finder, try 3 inch screws per inch until you find one and try you then measure to find the next one. Usually they are located at 16- Inch- Centers. If it's a small section of wall, maybe only one is in the center, or they split up the difference and used two. It's also entirely possible that there aren't any on a 32-inch wall.

If you're ready to poke a hole, 20 small needle pricks shouldn't be a problem, and if you're lucky, the mount will hide them anyway.


Thank you Mazura! That's exactly what I did. I poked every 2 "nails or so and finally found a 6" section with wood behind it where I could screw in the screws that came with the set. I'm a little worried that I might not find any other studs in the 32 "wall, but at least the TV is high. I thought of toggle screws, but I was afraid my whole wall would just collapse. If I didn't have any support on the wall I just wanted to open it up and install 2x4 to secure the bracket.