How did Edward Snowden come to Venezuela

How did Edward Snowden get to Venezuela?

Peter Mühlbauer

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Venezuelan head of state Nicolás Maduro confirmed yesterday that his government has received a valid asylum application from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. However, he is stuck in the transit area of ​​Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport - and the forced landing of Bolivian President Evo Morales' plane last week showed that Western European countries are not hesitating to impose an overflight ban.

In order to leave the country openly, Snowden would therefore have to choose a route that does not touch the airspace of other countries. A Gulfstream G500 or G550 could cover the 10,000 km stretch across the North Sea if it were not intercepted in the Denmark Strait between Iceland and Greenland. Ships would probably be needed for the routes across US hostile Iran and the Cape of Good Hope or across the Pacific and Cape Horn.

Or is Snowden leaving in a completely different way? With a false identity that a secret service got him? As a stowaway, from whom nobody notices? In the end, isn't he in Moscow, and WikiLeaks and Vladimir Putin have deceived the world?

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