What are photos that make you smile?

Photos that make you laugh

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Image: Aaron Escobar / Flickr

A friend of mine recently bought a Canon SLR camera. And after various photo sessions with his new camera, he wanted to know if I had any good ideas about which subjects to target next. Since I am a hobby photographer myself and have been traveling with my Nikon DSLR for years, I am of course familiar with the search for ideas for a good photo session. I've already photographed the full moon, experimented with portraits, shot macros, photographed sports events, worked with tilt-shift and much more. When I lack ideas, I usually get inspiration from the internet. There are so many great sites, blogs and YouTube channels that there is always something that fascinates me and that I have to try.

The Flickr photo community

As a blogger, I am of course on the Flickr platform every week to choose pictures with a CC license for my blog. But the photo community is also a great place to be inspired as a photographer. In the Discover section, for example, you can find great pictures that often inspire me to new projects.

Lately I've been enjoying shooting funny or weird scenes. This includes signs with funny inscriptions, exciting facial expressions and, quite simply, funny and spontaneous scenes. The problem with this is that you have to have the camera at hand very quickly. If I don't have my SLR camera with me, then the cell phone camera has to serve as well, which is always a loss in terms of quality. Nevertheless, I love such pictures that put a smile on the face of the viewer.

Funny Flickr pics

There are also a number of funny snapshots to discover on Flickr. Because I like them so much, I've put together a small selection so that you have something to smile about.

Self-portrait | by Caitlin


We fill you up | by Stephan Hochhaus


Young iPhone fan | from JL!


Wooden wheel | by Xizhou Ren


Lick me | by Yana Sedlak


The world is upside down | by Pascal Willuhn


Be careful with maxi clothing | by Stephan Hochhaus


Wassup? | by Charlie Stinchcomb

And - which picture did you like the most?