What are some of the arguments in favor of homeschooling

FOCUS SCHOOL | No. 3 (2011)
Homeschooling Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Volker Ladenthin from the University of Bonn is calling for home schooling to be legalized in Germany as well

• Social skills: “You cannot force a child to find friends in your own class or in the neighboring class. So the football club and the choir are also suitable for social contacts. "

• Willingness to perform: “Of course, children must be committed to performance. But this performance concept is in them. Even small children are proud when they have made their own bed. "

• Relation to life: “School itself has become unworldly and no longer creates preparation for the job. HR managers today have to retrain both high school and high school students. "

• Pedagogy: “The parent-child relationship is actually changing: learning is linked to personal relationships. This can also be beneficial: imitation and example can be a great motivator for children. "


Klaudia Schultheis (Uni Eichstätt-Ingolstadt) believes compulsory schooling in Germany makes sense

• Social competence: "Everything that defines social learning is omitted in homeschooling: assert yourself in the group, make compromises, resolve conflicts peacefully."

• Willingness to perform: “We live in a performance society. So it doesn't hurt to prepare children for it at school. "

• Relation to life: "If parents have a very alternative or religious attitude and their child only grows up in this environment, it can be difficult for them to integrate into a pluralistic society."

• Pedagogy: “Teachers complete a highly qualified degree - including (admittedly: too little) pedagogical and psychological training. What right can parents have to say that they can do this better than teachers? "

This is what the law in Germany says:
School attendance is compulsory in Germany. The main features of the law dates from 1938: If a child stays away from school without an approved reason (e.g. severe disability), the parents face fines and deprivation of custody. Home schooling with success control: In Austria, as in most other countries, there is compulsory education instead of compulsory schooling, which is also fulfilled by home schooling. However, once a year, in June at the latest, a performance test must be taken at a school. If the children fail, they have to attend school for a year. After the compulsory break, homeschooling can continue - provided the district school council agrees.

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