Is erectile dysfunction treatable or not

Impotence (erectile dysfunction)

The inadequate ability to stiffen the penis, or the insufficient duration of the stiffening, is called erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, ED). An erectile dysfunction that lasts for several months and makes sexual intercourse impossible is one recognized disease. You can either use it as a isolated disease (e.g. of the penis) or as Consequence of another health disorder, e.g. diabetes mellitus (sugar disorder), high blood pressure or as a symptom of old age. Overall, the number of men affected in Germany is estimated at around 3 to 5 million.


Sexual arousal can arise in many different ways: through touch, optical or acoustic stimuli or fantasies. This excitation is carried by nerve impulses from the brain (nucleus paraventricularis) via the spinal cord to the penis. There, certain messenger substances cause muscle cells in the erectile tissue and the blood vessels of the penis to relax. This allows the blood to flow faster into the cavities of the erectile tissue. The increasing blood flow increases the pressure in the erectile tissue and presses the shell of the corpus cavernosum against the surrounding draining blood vessels. This at the same time restricts the removal of blood from the penis, resulting in an erection.


Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many things causes be evoked. Impairments to the psyche, nerve or blood supply or, very rarely, hormonal disorders lead to a disturbed erection. Frequently, however, direct damage to the erectile tissue itself is also found as the cause of erectile dysfunction. In investigations into the causation it could be shown that several of these causes were involved in many of those affected. Since erectile dysfunction can be the result of a previously undiscovered, serious illness, a medical examination should always be carried out before treatment is initiated. The doctor must also weigh up whether certain types of treatment are possible for a particular person or should not be used due to possible side effects. This requires a detailed questioning and examination of the patient.

To Treatment of erectile dysfunction There are many modern alternatives available today. Which of these is suitable for the individual patient must be decided individually.

In summary, it can be stated that the intensive research of the last two decades has significantly expanded the spectrum of treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Today erectile dysfunction can be treated differently and often in a targeted manner depending on its cause. There are many different options for this psychological, medicinal, technical and ultimately also operative procedures to disposal.

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