Are you sure or not

Children in emergency situations need help. The range of motion of our little protégés increases the older they get. Well-known caregivers are not always present to provide helpful support even in small emergency situations.

But reports of violence and harassment also arouse unrest and concern. Here, mindfulness and education as well as strengthening the children are important educational tasks.

That's behind it ...

The project “Yes of course! Here you are safe ”calls for help and to get actively involved.

Shops and businesses that say “Yes, of course! Here you are safe “Put up signs on your door or in the shop window, signal: Here is a place of refuge, here are people who help. This help relates to small and large problems of everyday life that happen in the public sector. Even a seemingly harmless event can mean great hardship for a child. But of course it is also about threatening situations. Children should learn to overcome their inhibitions in order to ask for help. The children in our city are already familiar with the sign with the blue star as the logo or city of Kaarst.

All companies involved have signed a self-binding agreement with the city of Kaarst and are in the public eye as partners of the campaign.

Who and how can you participate?

Project participants can be:

Retail stores, hairdressers, small supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, offices, practices, and much more. open to the public and at least two employees.

The project partners undertake to help children when they are in need. All partner companies receive a sticker that they attach to the door, shop window and / or bell button so that they are clearly visible for children. As a support, the business people receive instructions (guidelines) for an emergency.

With you as a partner, the city of Kaarst would like to set an example for more attention and protection for children in our city.

Actually, it goes without saying? Then join in and become a partner in the project!